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  1. As an employee your first responsibility is to yourself and your family. Your second responsibility is to give your employer good value for every $ they spend on you. From what you've said, you've taken care of #2. Now, you have a chance to do a much better job on #1. You should go for it. It's a major mistake to be more loyal to an employer than they are to you. I saw far too much of this in 29 years of corporate america before becoming a PA.
  2. You really need local data about what a primary care PA makes. That feels low, but I work in SW Ohio. My classmates who started in primary care 5 years ago were making in the mid 90's to start.
  3. Or, if funds are tight, get a free subscription to Medscape.
  4. There is some disagreement on this, but last year at SEMPA I asked all the recruiters how much they valued the CAQ and not a single one even knew what the CAQ was. They did recognize the "merit badge" courses like ACLS, PALS, & BLS. The ones which seemed to differentiate folks were ATLS and especially ultrasound. Talk to the recruiters - see what's available. Often, they'll know of positions that aren't advertised on web sites. You just need to find a decent 1st job where you'll learn. After 3-5 years you're considered an experienced EM PA and the job market improves significantly.
  5. What MT2PA said, though many places bill at the 100% incident to rate just by having the doc sign the charts. You'll find that as your experience grows this is more and more distasteful. It's the patients which you aren't yet comfortable with where you need physician involvement: not always the most critical, more often the more complicated, multiple comorbidities, or more unusual.
  6. Hourly rate seems good for a new grad - but EM is very region, even city specific. You need local comparisons. No PTO for EM is pretty standard. The arguments are: 1) schedule flexibility lets the person create blocks of time off, 2) PTO would lower the overall hourly rate. CME is low. $2,500 should be minimum, unless licenses, DEA, credentialing, and other fees are paid separately. There should be some retirement contribution, e.g. a 3% 401K match. Not a bad offer - find out about the retirement and increasing the CME.
  7. Scott, How about consulting attorneys who file and defend medmal cases? From what I've seen, the employers: hospitals, physician groups, etc are sued as well as individual providers. This may well be to add more sources of payments as defendants, but usually the allegations have to do with the policies those organizations set. I've not seen any cases where individual administrators who set those policies are named. Perhaps the attorneys could articulate why that is.
  8. 5 years ago I was making $55/hour in northern KY, just across the river from Ohio, as a 1099. In the SW Ohio area the "minute clinics" are now paying $50-55/hr as W2 employees.
  9. When I was looking into PA school and DO school the local PA schools actually required more undergrad prereqs, primarily a year of A&P with a lab. The med schools did that in their 1st year.
  10. Does the WV legislation permit PA's to perform conscious sedation and regional anesthesia without a physician present? That's one of the barriers the Ohio PA association is working on getting removed.
  11. Don't know what your productivity will be, but I was routinely generating about 6.5 RVU/hour at a busy site, so that would be about an additional $10/hour. That was seeing 1.5-2 pt/hour.
  12. I don't always enjoy what I do. I do EM and the mix of patients includes the ungrateful, the entitled, the unbathed, and those that lack any sense of personal responsibility. However, I do find what I do very satisfying. Like Emed, my life got much better when I moved to rural EM. However, being an EM PA beats corporate IT and even being a firefighter/paramedic.
  13. What Emed said. I wash my hands - soap & water, no hand sanitizers, after every pt encounter and before eating. In 5 years I've been sick & missed days 3 times: 2 were d/t GI issues that I probably got from patients, 1 from a kidney stone that I probably didn't catch from my patients.
  14. I've not done locums work, but have spoken to 2 firms: Weatherby and Barton. I was looking in the midwest and found that the hourly rate working locums was pretty much the same as what I could find for FT and PT positions in the same area: $65-80/hour. I actually found a better job working for a small independent EM company.
  15. Interestingly enough, I've evolved into this "script": Me: Mr/Miss Lastname, I'm Ohiovolffemtp, the night PA. I'll be taking care of you. (shaking hands in the meantime) Patient: Hi, how are you? (their typical polite response) Me: Fine, but I'm supposed to be asking you that question (said with a smile) Seems to work great.
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