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  1. Anyone in gyne that manages post op for these patients? I have a PA student friend in rotation and I guess her doc isnt the best at education. She was asking about recovery times, time to intercourse, complications of non-infected elective procedure vs abscess needing the procedure. Thank you!
  2. .What I was trying to read up on is younger pts, sub 40. If they come in with a cyst that wont go away, but not infected, as infection brings in a whole other story.
  3. What I was trying to read up on is younger pts, sub 40. If they come in with a cyst that wont go away, but not infected, as infection brings in a whole other story.
  4. I've been reading conflicting approaches to an uninfected bartholin cyst. Input on best ways to treat, both conservative and in office? Obviously this is assuming the patient is ready for intervention
  5. Hey, studying for the PANRE and I can never seem to remember the chemo drugs related to their adverse effects. Does anyone have a good way to remember them??
  6. Does that directly correlate to heart rate?
  7. What is the differential dx for someone who has a proper elevation of HR during exercise, but then drops when they squat down (not valsalva) or lay down, only to rise again when standing up?
  8. These are great points! Thanks for the articles!
  9. I was speaking on the indication of migraine prevention to discuss how to tackle such an adverse effect. I've heard patients taking B vitamins...is there any clinical data for that? Is the only option to substitute the medication?
  10. Patients often nickname topiramate as 'dopamax' because of the cognitive fog they experience. I wanted to open this up to discussion on how much you really see this,what dosages you see it most, and how you might combat it (or do you just substitute it)?
  11. This is great info. Thanks to everyone for being so descriptive!
  12. I am eligible to re-cert in 2017 and am on the 6 year cycle still. I recently started a job that has a 45-50 commute. I would like to get a great audio to start studying. With my work hours and now a longer commute, desk study time will be limited. Anyone who has used an audio version, I'd love feedback, good or bad. Thanks!
  13. I did not mean 'flu' like someone prescribed amoxicillin for a virus. I just meant the season in general. No one has pressured me personally to do anything; this is merely a good discussion point, I think. Like if I was an ortho PA/physician, why would I want to send my son/ husband to another provider for an ankle sprain when I can send to PT myself.....or if I specialized in ENT and a family member had a problem I dealt with every day.... that was the basis of the question. Social Medicine brought up a great point I think in that what if insurance asked to see an exam dictation if they were deciding whether to cover it? I also agree that narcotics should NEVER be written in the scenarios.
  14. Hi everyone, This has been an ongoing debate with some people so I thought I'd get some input. I know of some people that will write for an antibiotic for a spouse or a family member during flu season, or an anti-inflammatory short term. I don't know of anyone that has ever written for narotics, etc. My question is what are your views on writing a script for an abx, or even a short physical therapy script, for a spouse/family?
  15. I really appreciate everyones input. It really has helped. I think the no call is a BIG factor and adds to the quality of life. I can't wait to get away from the winters of the Midwest!
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