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  1. Way to go, you are off the a fantastic start! A couple things to ALWAYS remember in Urgent Care.... 1) ensure a follow up plan and 2) Consider all worst case scenario's and DOCUMENT them or that you considered them. If you do these two things it is almost impossible to get SUED!!! These two things ensure you are "covering your ass" if you do make a mistake. Best of luck!
  2. I worked for TeamHealth for a year. Seems to be disconnect btw the Medical Director and the actual company. You will most likely not deal directly with the company, so be sure you like your direct supervisor more than the company itself. Also, they paid pretty well but tried to change to RVU only based pay but found that most providers were making way too much or way too little and people starting billing for totally unnecessary procedures in the ER, so they stopped the program after two months. (But I was told they were only trying this model in less than 5% of the market). Good luck!
  3. So, the key here is to call the site and ask for the director. They typically award two applicants a year per site. And sometimes these applicants are already current employees awaiting approval. So, the director should be able to give you an idea if you are likely to be granted loan forgiveness upon hire. I did apply and was denied not because of other applicants but b/c I had consolidated my student loan debt with my husband- NEVER do this!!!! I was never told that I would be denied repayment when consolidating. My loans totaled $99K, my husbands total was $1,800. Needless to say I pu
  4. So, I get payed salary plus a little bonus yearly if I go over production (3,200 patients a yr or more- and I get a few grand).... My EMR has been down for most days of the month, they are working hard to fix it but this is just not safe anymore. (It was down for over 40 hours last month alone). Now it has been down for about 6 days!!! (They are upgrading to cloud based servers and something has gone wrong!).... I want to ask for 4 hours of admin time to catch up- input all the billing, labs, scripts, etc- if this thing ever comes back up (Centricity). Does this seem unrationa
  5. x98peterson

    ER Staffing

    Yes. Most sub contract out making it difficult to know where to apply. I would call each hospitals HR office for info on which companies they use. Good luck.
  6. Don't worry about what your INH experience will be like at this point, just get some good rotations in rural health and substance abuse. Enjoy school, keep your eyes open to other opportunities as well, your two or four years of experience will go fast and you can move on to something else after that! I haven't worked in IHS, but I did work in community health, and it was one of the best jobs I had! You have very little resources to refer patients that are complicated, so you will end up seeing them yourself instead and forced to learn! I learned so much about HIV, Hepatitis C, wounds, n
  7. It varies so much. Check out aapa.org and you should be able to find state specific data and specialty data. Most PA's live comfortable but are not "living the dream" by any means. And if you do make a ton, you are probably having to work too many hours to enjoy the money! Just my two cents.....
  8. I don't know how you have time to see 4 an hour AND discuss every patient and have your doc see them as well..... Unless you are seeing all colds and stuff. I feel sorry for your patients that they have to come in weekly.... (people in USA wouldn't pay for that). You must have an awesome support staff and great system down! Are you in a government run clinic/community health center? I can whip out well child visits, colds, and HTN f/u's pretty quickly. I am sure you don't have much paperwork to deal with yet like refills, disability stuff, etc. After a year, you start getting all o
  9. I am in Northern Colorado, which specialty are you looking for, I can get you in touch with a few. I am currently not working right now, but should be within the next couple weeks.
  10. Wow, I have never heard of such a thing here in Colorado. Does it say that on their web site? Do they have your profession confused with docs/ or someone else?
  11. I think your offer is average for a new grad. Derm is a tough field to get into as a new grad so I say go for it. Just make sure you sign a short contract, no more than one year, and let them know there will be some renegotiating at that time for salary, as you should be at six figures quickly if the office is that busy.
  12. aapa.org will get you a lot of traffic. Careerbuilder.com is another. I would also check with your local PA groups or state PA association.
  13. That was my only suggestion as well. Good luck- great personal statement!
  14. Looks great. I would put your experieces in the middle, and avoid using the term "this year I researched the PA career", list your experiences first, and then that you decided. HTH!
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