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  1. Hey guys, Working PA in NYC with experience in internal medicine, orthopedics, some ER. Relocating to southern california end of yer/early next year. Im a bit surprised by the scarcity of ideal PA jobs in SoCal at least from my initial online searches. I was looking into gigs in internal medicine, interventional cardiology, UCC, etc. Ideally I would like to work in hospital with 3/12 schedule like I have now but those jobs do not seem to be in abundance like NYC. Just was in pasadena and really liked the area so would want something without a run back to NYC kind of commute. Anyways, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Always wanted to try living and working elsewhere for a spell..........figure the time is right....or not lol
  2. New grad who recently became certified.......want to relocate to Houston to be closer to family who have moved out there. Advice or any job leads.......finding it difficult so far....areas of interest are internal medicine, EM/Urgent care, Surgery, Primary Care. Any leads or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Tried my hardest to finish up prereqs this year........but I will have to take Chem 2 in spring of 2010! Should I even apply to Sophie Davis as I will not complete this prereq till june of 2010? I desperately want to start in 2010 and am limited to NYC metro area........ No statistics taken No GRE No 1000 hr volunteer as some require
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