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  1. Jns1231- Congratulations on getting accepted. I do not think anyone have made our facebook page yet. Are you from local? I am coming from Chicago and soon will be looking for an apartment. I can't wait to start this January.
  2. Hey guys...its getting really close to the January.... I am excited as well as nervous.. I have a quick question to the students who got accepted for the Winthrop campus and was wondering where are you living? Near Campus? Which Area? I am coming from Chicago and yet have to find a place (apartment). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks and looking forward to see all of you in January :)
  3. For those who already got accepted did you guys started searching for the apartments. What is the best area to live near Winthrop Campus? I want to stay very close to the campus so that I don't have to commute everyday. Any one have any suggestions. I am also looking for a male roommate and I would prefer if he is in our PA class. Let me know. Thanks!
  4. Mariahq05- You only submit one supplemental application citing your first, second and third choice. But you have to pay extra for each site on CASPA. I will suggest to wait a week to hear from Touro about the Winthrop campus and then submit your application if you want. Hope that helps!
  5. bjv 123 - If I recall back I also interviewed around 2:30pm. You will be interviewed by 2 Faculty members and your interview can go from 10 mins to 25 mins. Mine went for 30 mins at least. NOT THAT I WAS ASKED SOME EXTRA QUESTIONS. There was no group interview or campus tour. Hope that helps. Good Luck! Mariahq05 - I think my supplemental application took atleast a month for them to process and to get verified and then I received an e-mail about the interview. Dont worry just give it a week more. You are on the right track!
  6. bjv123 I recently got accepted by TOURO WEC. The best advice I would say is to be yourself and be honest. Secondly, the interview was not hard at all. Just make sure you know Y PA? Y TOURO? and at the end you have to write an essay. Good Luck.
  7. Jegreco did you heard anything yet.....what about others is any one interviewing in the upcoming days? Or GOT RECENTLY ACCEPTED? Keep us posted. Thanks!
  8. Hey Guys... I just want to let you know that I GOT ACCEPTED TO TOURO COLLEGE WINTHROP CAMPUS. I received an e-mail from them stating my ACCEPTANCE...anyone else received acceptance e-mail today?? I AM SOO HAPPY AND AT THE SAME TIME NERVOUS. GOOD LUCK TO ALL who interviewed on September 16th. Keep us updated. Thanks.
  9. Hey Jegreco1...I also interviewed on September 16th. I didnt get any kind of email the next day about the final decisions. Who sent you that e-mail? Admissions office or the PA program? Good Luck
  10. Do anyone know when they will get back to us informing about the final decision especially for those who interviewed on September 16th. Keep us updated. Thanks.
  11. Congratulations to those who already interviewed at Thomas Jefferson PA program. How was your interview? How did you like the campus? Was the interview hard? Do let us know your experience. Thanks!
  12. Anyone heard anything after the September 16th INTERVIEW for the WINTHROP EXTENSION CENTER? I was there at the interview with 8 other potential students.
  13. Did anyone interviewed yet for the TOURO COLLEGE either bay shore or Winthrop campus? How was the interview? Do post the experience please if you can. Thanks!
  14. I also sent my supp app on August 29th but haven't heard anything back about the interview as of yet. Let's hope for the best :)
  15. I also received an invitation but I did not have to submit any supplemental application. If you login to your CASPA> Application > My programs There is a "NO" under tab of Supplemental Supplication. THAT IS SUPER WEIRD.
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