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  1. HI, farzee,


    It's a good sign to get the mail from Towson. That's means CCBC have a positive attitude with you and send your application to Towson. Otherwise they won't send your application to Towson.

    And don't worry about Towson. there is only paper work for them. They will check if you are qualified for master degree. the CCBC made the finial decision for entering the PA program.





    OK guys , now you got me worried !! My interview was sept. 28 , didn't hear anything from them as yet ! Just today received an e-mail from Towson univ. Saying that my application is now complete and will be evaluated by program director which will take 2-6 weeks !! So now my question is if they take their sweet time in evaluating my application, and if indeed I am/ was selected in my interview, will I lose my seat ?? Or will be bumped and put on waiting list ? Will CCbc hold my seat until my application is processed ? Tried calling ms. Shaw but it was almost 5 pm, so will try tomorrow ! I was thinking of personally meeting the director to find out what's happening ! I don't want to lose my seat just because Towson took so long processing my application ( if I am indeed selected, hopefully ) !! Please advice !! Thanks to all
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