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  1. evern you are out of state now, if you join the program and live in MD for 3 months, they will treat you as in state.
  2. Please note: Interview will be at Arundel Mills campus , not main campus. see you guys on Friday
  3. HI, farzee, It's a good sign to get the mail from Towson. That's means CCBC have a positive attitude with you and send your application to Towson. Otherwise they won't send your application to Towson. And don't worry about Towson. there is only paper work for them. They will check if you are qualified for master degree. the CCBC made the finial decision for entering the PA program.
  4. Congrats nmaski !!!! And good luck to the people here had interview on Sep 28.
  5. Hi, i heartkeytars,


    Did you get accepted by CCBC/Toswon?





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