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  1. The practice that am moving into has a big bump in pay (close to 20% increase but they start lower than most). Hence my desire to take it. I am hoping it is okay. I will not have ATLS in the very near future- trying to find a place to take it is the biggest ordeal. V-bilt has a course but it is filled.
  2. what prep course was the poster talking about? 6 years in too, and there is an incentive at my employer to take it- so take it I will.... Did you type up your own MD to attest to procedures form?
  3. God, me too. I make SO much less than this- And I am in EM........
  4. That is just great! Congrats to you!!!
  5. late to the party, but what I can say is it is NOT always like that. I worked EM initially, loved it, but I went home scared to death every night. I am not the most "go get 'em" person out there, so was always 2nd guessing myself. I then went to a rural ED- and it was Me, Myself and I with 2 ancillary staff. And I got a lot better- because I HAD to. I am now back in the ED, which I love. I have only been there a few weeks, but the group of PA's, and I think the doc's too are so welcoming, and friendly. I am in ED heaven right now. I do believe this will be my forever job. I have not gotte
  6. Some of these salaries make me sad! I wish I started at over 100K. 5 years out and I have my first salary over 100K. And I am grateful! I started in the beautiful town of Asheville NC, making about 84/year. Moved to UC, made a bit more. I guess you have to compare cost of living. but wow.
  7. EMEDPA- Now you had me looking there! What a great sounding company. (and I love NE....) ;)
  8. I started in the ED @ 42/hr, but got crazy good retirement. (almost = to my paycheck- it was a strange situation) Then a rural UC @50/hr no benes at all (I negotiated 300/m to help with health insurance) Then pulm/crit care @52-3/hr, great benes then moved to a notsogreat job, eh in all ways, and actually a drop in pay (had to move for family reasons) now heading back to ED @ 110/year, standard benes, MP, AAPA dues, DEA, licence, 100 hrs PTO, 2K CME, ~88/hr for over 40h in any week worked. Oh, and in a beautiful mountain town! :)
  9. and if it is? Terrible. I left a position that I felt did not fit me, and honestly it was the backstabbing between APP/Providers that was the final straw. There was one doc that had it out for PAs and as one of the other MDs said "when he gets it in his mind, you have a target on your back and he won't quit until you leave". So leave I did. I gave my professional 90 days notice, and they took me off the schedule 2 weeks later. I know that the majority of the job was okay, but that part was untenable for me. The worst part was I had moved for this position, and left the most amazing group of MD
  10. Re Locums- I am between positions, awaiting credentialing and took some locums work. I saw the contract (the company I was doing the work for sent the contracted hours) and... they are getting 130/Hr. I am getting paid 55/hr. Thats a hellofa profit for the company. That pisses me off. A lot.
  11. The first thing I would say is that because you are interested in seeking out information, I'd jump to work with you! I took a position in CC/Pulm in the unit. Overall, I miss doing work with awake patients! I did a mix before of pulm and cc medicine, dividing up my clinic with covering the hospital so my docs got a break. this was in CO. I am now in NC, and its just not as good- and if you want to know why, and are looking to find "the one" that will help, I am MORE than happy to discuss with you! PM me and I will share what I think. Fully impressed that you came here to find information.
  12. Hello everyone! In looking thru the threads here, and trying to find info on several free standing ED/UC in the NC/SC area, I wonder what your take is on these? I was offered a job at one, and am considering, but if I am reading the threads correctly, it seems like a lot of people are getting paid a LOT more than I was offered, and that some "entities" seem more reputable than others. Would anyone like to chime in on what they feel the good and the bad is on these? I asked average retention and attrition rates, and they say some PAs have been there as long as 10 years but attrition is abou
  13. I think that may be fair, actually. I have been working for a lot less- although do have PTO. Where are you in NC?
  14. So what is a good salary? In CC now, but miss EM a lot so am thinking that is the direction that I want to move.I have a few offers but NONE at 75/hr in addition to benefits. I have 5yrs CC/uc and ed. I've moved a lot because of family issues-which I'd say is very hard overall but it does mean I've seen a lot. I've been offered everything from 42-56/hr- I feel a lot of companies are going to salaried positions, even in EM. I think that way the get out of shift diff pay. I literally have a spread sheet out. CME, PTO insurance costs, retirement benes- all get figured into my 'final number
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