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  1. It was less than <30 min, not in spam, hopefully alot of people complete it
  2. Hello, could I get a copies of some of those packrats for my pance preparations, My email is davaldez21@yahoo.com thanks in advance
  3. it just depends where your at and the need. In Texas pay can be easily 50 dollars and hour starting
  4. New Grad in in Texas. $58+ hr with 40-45 hours average benefits included 4.5 weeks vacation and cme included in Peds OR $95k Salary for Family Medicine for 40 hour weeks plus benefits No call I like the family medicine more but the pay is substantially different, so I'm just wondering opinions
  5. Do you guys recommend any website to help prepare you for PA interview questions?
  6. What is a good way to answer: Is health care a privilidge or a right? thank you
  7. Hello, what is the best way to answer this question (or another similar ethical question): If your busy supervising physician ordered a dosage of drug you knew to be incorrect, what would you do? thanks for the input!
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