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  1. Current ortho surgery PA in New Jersey 6 years out with tons of experience and feel I can contribute to a much higher capacity than I am now. Our PA service is essentially the orthopedic service at a large hospital we do all the leg work from booking cases, coordinating with the reps, seeing all consults, rounds, and office work. The experience at this job is second to none but the pay is average. Looking to expand my horizons and "be my own boss" I know what rules in NJ are very strict as far as PA's being owners/partners but I'm open to moving to a neighboring state PA/NY/DE if the laws are more PA-friendly. Looking to reach any PA's that have transitioned to ownership in these states and what their thoughts are? TIA
  2. Hello all Im a PA 5 years out at a private out of network ortho surgery practice. Ive been with the practice for 3 years and have been praise with my performance. Its 7 docs and 5 PA's so we are carrying a larger work load. I'm on call one weekday a week and one weekend a month. I feel that my compensation is lacking since the weekend Im on call included surgical cases, ER consults and floor consults. Us PA;s literally do what ortho residents would do. We have the most autonomy of any position I have come across. I am currently getting paid 140k with the full weekend of call and I know I am getting underpaid. Dose anyone have any advice as to how to negotiate a better pay? TIA
  3. Hello, I'm currently working as an ortho PA in New Jersey. Have been doing all facets of ortho surgery for the past 5 years. Was talking to a friend who works in pharma research which offers better hours, better pay, and better benefits. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that made the career switch from clinical practice to research/pharma and how their experience was. thank you in advance.
  4. Anyone know of any good websites or resources for CME's that are free. I was using medscape originally but not as much CME on the website than before. Looking to see what other PAs out there are doing and any recommendations. Thank you!
  5. Just curious to see if there are any PA's out there that took the route as being contracted (1099) vs the traditional employee route. I am a surgical ortho PA I know there is a benefit as far as collecting assist fee's as such but just wanted to see how other PA's like/dislike being contracted. Also if any PA's have started some type of business plan I'd love to hear it! Thanks
  6. I'm an ortho PA in New Jersey. Just wanted to see if there are any PAs that are partners in the state and own their own clinic or LLC and would like to know a little bit about the process if possible. TIA!
  7. I'm a 1st year PA student and looking to set up a few rotations in the greater Philadelphia area. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would know a good way to go about doing this or if they have any locations that were already set up that would be a good place to try. Thanks for the input!
  8. Hey I was just wondering where in Phila. do u do your EMT volunteering?
  9. I just need some insight on how to make my intro a more memorable so it sticks. I am not even sure where to start. My previous intro had something do to with how healthcare has been present all my life with because my mother has diabetes and my dad has been riddles with various medical ailments as well as my brother. I was just wondering if someone could help me give this thing some kind of structure or any pointers. THANKS!
  10. So I am in the process of re-applying and I'd like to knock this PS out of the ballpark to make up for a low GPA and GRE score. I feel that its missing that certain something that makes it memorable but not sure what..... Any type of input would be helpful! Thanks! Imagine moving to a foreign country and settling down with nothing more than three suitcases and the clothes on your back. My parents did exactly that. They immigrated to the U.S. in hopes of providing an exceptional education and a better lifestyle for my brother and I. My parents always told me that I could achieve anything with hard work and dedication. I witnessed first hand the sacrifices and hardships my parents had overcome and it translated into my own work ethic. The diagnosis of my brother’s neurological disorder sparked my interest in healthcare. The innumerable trips to the hospital unveiled the clinical setting and gave me a chance to observe the medical team in action. The ability of doctors and nurses to work hand in hand to remedy what seemed to be impossible corralled my attention. Healthcare has been a significant part of my family and I knew this career was something special that I wanted to be a part of. I began this pursuit at the Pennsylvania State University and became the first college graduate in my family. I enrolled in a variety of classes from anatomy to genetics to feed my curiosity of the human body. Along with a full course load, I volunteered at various hospitals, stayed active in the community and shadowed an assortment of medical professionals. Getting to observe surgical procedures and understanding the mechanics and resiliency of the human body made healthcare even more alluring. My first taste of hands on experience was at the campus clinic where I was able to learn elementary skills such as examining x-rays and knowing the importance of different lung sounds. I felt a degree of satisfaction but believed that I could contribute at a higher capacity. After college, working as an Emergency Medical Technician gave me the opportunity to work with a more diverse patient population at a higher acuity level. The demanding environment was intimidating at first but I was determined to succeed. The pressures associated with pre-hospital care exercised my knowledge of medications and procedures as well as sharpen my communication skills. Presently, I have been working at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with kids affected by an array of psychological and neuromuscular diseases. It has been fulfilling to help bring a smile to children and families affected by illness just like my own. CHOP has exposed me to a spectrum of patients from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. This clinical research incorporates a medical perspective as well as elements of social work and laboratory skills. Raising patient awareness and being involved in outreach programs sponsored by CHOP added to my well-rounded experience. My contributions as a researcher will help future generations but my passion lies in being able to deliver medical attention to those directly in need. Being around hospitals for some time, I came across the Physician Assistant profession. After researching the position, I appreciated how versatile PAs could be moving between different medical specialties. Another benefit was their ability to cooperate with doctors and nurses to choose the best course of action for a patient. Mentoring and being part of the medical community also stretched their impact beyond the exam room. Learning in a medical model that is based on general health practice was their most impressive quality. Taking time for patient education while rendering a higher level of care has led me to believe that the role of a PA fits my personality, strengths, and abilities. A rejection letter from the last cycle was a disappointment that gave me time to reinforce my reasons for entering this profession. Taking additional classes, attending grand rounds with medical students and staying up to date with current issues regarding PAs while working full-time reflects my dedication to the PA profession. Growing up, I was taught the importance of a good education and that learning does not end after you receive a diploma but is lifelong. I believe my experience, amiable nature, and perseverance my parents have instilled in me will enable me to become an exceptional future PA.
  11. yeah my app was mailed early September and they verified that they received it but I'm just waiting it out
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