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  1. Hi there, I am a PA working at a hospital in Santa Clara County and am starting to take a look to see what else is available in the area. My job is great, but I'd like to start aggressively paying off my enormous student loan, so am looking to see if there are opportunities nearby where I can earn more. I am somewhat early in my career with about 3 years of experience in general surgery, and would prefer a role that is mostly inpatient/shift based. Any specialty is fine if they are willing to train and there is a higher earning potential. I am looking within Santa Clara, San Mateo, an
  2. Hi there! I just started a trauma surgery position at a level 2 trauma center and so far I am loving it. I love shift work (before i was in private practice general surgery) and the surgeons are all great to work with. Right now they are doing some changes in management and infrastructure, which is great because I can get my say/opinion in and create my own role. The previous PA that has been with this group has been doing only rounds and paperwork. I would rather not be a scribe with order privileges and am interested in expanding my skill set and learning more procedures. I have not b
  3. If you were hiring for the ER, which skill set would you prefer? A PA with a background in a large and varied gen surg practice, or an orthosurg PA? I feel that the gen surg PA would have a better grasp of internal med, especially since they would have to do more complicated hospital rounding, as well as more procedural skills. The orthosurg PA would have a strong skills in radiology and sports medicine, both are also important in the ER. What do you think?
  4. Hi all! I am a current PA student, originally from California but studying on the east coast. I'm scheduled graduate in May and plan on returning home. I'm from the bay area, but jobs are not easy to find from simple online searches... Does anyone know if it is common for a PA to work as a hospitalist in the SF bay? If not, then what areas? I'm willing to travel throughout the state and am open to more rural areas if they are attached to academic centers. Thanks!
  5. Hi all! I am a PA student from the east coast who is originally from California. In the area where I go to school, PAs are in very high demand, and they are treated with a lot of respect. In hospitals, they are usually working in a team of 3-4 PAs as either hospitalists, in the ICU, or a surg subspecialty. I'm hoping it is the same back home. What have your guys' experiences been while on rotations, particularly in inpatient medicine? Do the PAs work solo, with consult services, or in a PA team? Are they mostly just putting orders in or do they have more responsibility? Could you share s
  6. Hey there, I am approaching the end of my didactic year at a PA school out of state and will start rotations soon. Reading some of the other threads on this forum has made me a bit nervous--it sounds like the jobs in the major metro areas of CA (I'm specifically interested in the SF bay) are extremely difficult to come by and many people have talked about spending months looking for a job. I know that as a new grad you are supposed to be flexible (I am open to working in more rural areas or even in the state where I go to school for a few years to gain experience; I am also fairly ope
  7. So far I have been looking through this forum and have found a lot of information! I have also found that JMJ's blog has been very insightful as well. Do any of you know of any PAs who started their own community or non-profit clinic? I have been trying to find something on this subject since my class has an emphasis on the underserved/rural communities. Thanks!
  8. Hey all! For one of my classes in PA school I'm doing a short presentation on Physician Assistants in management. I was just wondering if anyone knew any good resources where I can find state guidelines, regulations, articles, blogs etc about PAs owning their own practice. So far I've been doing google searches and looking through the AAPA websites. Also, if there are any PAs on here who own their own practice, would it be possible for me to contact them? Thanks so much!
  9. Thanks all for your input! This is definitely a very different method of job hunting than I am used to, but now I understand how important networking will be. I will be sure to hit up my business friends for tips. I had a couple more questions: 1. So should I skip on traditional "college" ways of standing out (ECs, volunteering, earning awards) while in PA school if they don't come with networking opportunities? 2. Does leadership experience matter at all? 3. Do grades matter at all? Thanks again!
  10. ahh gotcha. I had never heard of it before today and wasn't sure if it was a form of PA program.
  11. I find it very hard to believe that it is "easy" to get a job as a PA. I know people say that, but they always end it with "as long as you are flexible with location and specialty." So how do you get a job if you ARE picky about location and specialty. What can you do to set yourself apart from everyone else? I graduated undergrad when the recession tanked and I have learned that to get a job in the industry, you have to go above and beyond and stand out well above everyone else. Is the PA job search like this? I mean, I had to have the same mentality when applying for PA s
  12. I just got this email from my undergrad's listserve, just thought I'd pass it along to you guys in case you are interested. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PA: Master of Orthopaedic Physician Assistant (OPA) Are you interested in sports medicine and looking for a career in orthopaedics that does not involve medical school? The University of St Augustine is excited to announce that they have expanded their orthopaedic expertise into another health care field beyond physical and occupational therapy! The
  13. Does anyone know anyone who received the J&J scholarship? I got an email about it and am thinking about applying. However, I don't know what kind of chance I have. They are specifically looking for select minorities from underserved areas whose parents didn't go to college. I did not grow up in an underserved area but my parents moved to the US from China (not one of the select minorities they listed). I'm the first one in the family to go to a traditional 4 year university, but both of my parents are college grads. I am funding PA school entirely on my own with loans/work study.
  14. Grades/Degree/GRE .................................Age: 24 Undergrad School/Degree: BS in Biological Sciences from UC Davis ..............Undergrad cGPA: 3.41 ....Science Undergrad GPA: 3.33 ...................Post Bac GPA: 4.0 ............................GRE(s): 1420 (670 Verbal, 750 Quant, 5.0 AW) ..Graduate School/Degree: N/A ............. ..................Graduate GPA: N/A ........................ EXPERIENCE Health care experience/Direct Patient Care: ~1000 hours ~900 hours volunteer EMT ~100 hours clinical research recruiter ~10 hours volunteer at a f
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