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  1. I did...but even with the job I have lined up it takes 2-3 months for me to get credentialed in the hospitals.
  2. agreed...not feeling so confident now...
  3. Anybody take it today? Thoughts? Not feeling so smart after that exam..
  4. I am also using HIPPO and Emory review..RRtoPA2012 do you feel like hippo prepared you well enough. Or did you also use other sources? I take mine Jan 10th and am scared out of my wits! :O_O:
  5. Not that many people are replying, :;-): but as far as my scores have gone Packrats Ive scored 200, 204 on my last two packrats I have taken and a 185/225 before that. Exam master 60-78% range NCCPA a few areas in red/yellow that changed to green the second time I took it and green areas
  6. Thanks so much for the reply! I was thinking the same thing today. It's great to get an idea of how the ask questions, but not sure how great it is of how you are doing in a subject.
  7. Just a little confused about the formula. If you score around a 200 on the PACKRAT and use that formula you are scoring an 800+. I am not saying your formula is wrong, I am just wondering how correct this formula is and holds true to the PACKRATS.
  8. I just graduated and will be taking my PANCE Jan 10th. I signed up for the Hippo review back in september an studied that along my last semester board review/clinical therapeutics class. I also use Comprehensive review books, old PACKRATS, and exam master to study. I have taken two NCCPA practice tests..which gave me a good idea how they may ask questions (i'm hoping). I scored mostly in the green with some areas in red. However, when i took a second exam (on the same day) things I scored totally in red were in the green the next exam. For example, psych. I also write out concepts I have troub
  9. I was not the one to make the dx. I am just relaying the message and wanted to get everyone's input. Most people scratched their heads at this rash for the way it was distributed, how it looked, and how it did not have any other sx's ie itching. The patient saw two physicians one ER doc and one dermatologist and both came up with atypical PR on separate occasions. While the pt did take Kenalog, and it did clear up soon after her rash, it did get worse before it cleared. It started spreading to her legs and abdomen..but clearance may have just been on coincidence due to the rash already being
  10. Sorry for the delay, as for the people wondering...it was dx as atypical PR. The patient was given a dose of kenalog, and she cleared up a week after....this was after having the rash for 6 weeks. Contact dermatitis was r/o due to no itching as well with bed bugs.
  11. Hi everyone, I am a PA-S in my 3rd rotation. I actually attend school in Florida but have been looking for a rotation out in ABQ New Mexico for this summer. It has been quite difficult, but I am looking for an internal medicine rotation out there. If you have any insight and could help. That would be awesome! Thanks!
  12. xxbowiexx doesn't contact dermatitis normally itch/burn?
  13. xxbowiexx doesn't contact dermatitis normally itch/burn?
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