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  1. Hello, My name is Jennifer Nguyen and I'm a PA student at The University of Texas-Pan American. I'm currently completing my clinical year in Houston, Tx. I'm looking for an urgent care clinic to complete my 3 month rotation in Houston. The rotation begins on 8/26/13 till 11/15/13. This site would be an alternate clinical rotation site as my orginial urgent care clinic failed to go through. Criteria's of the PA program include: the urgent care clinic is not affliated with a hospital and the clinic would also be willing to complete the PA programs affliation forms. Please contact me by email if a preceptor/ urgent care clinic is willing to accept a PA student for the 3 month duration. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you, Jennifer Nguyen email: jennifer.nguyen23@yahoo.com Class of 2013
  2. jv13

    PACKRAT forms

    I also would like any packrat forms, if anyone is willing to share! Thanks! jennifer.nguyen23@yahoo.com
  3. Thanks and good luck!

  4. I am and will be attending their open house this August. I've spoken to a few alumni from there and they also seem to like it too. Congrats on your acceptance, best of luck! =)

  5. I will be attending UTPA this coming fall semester. I interacted with the faculty/staff and they are really friendly. The current students seem to also enjoy the program as well. Are you planning on applying to UTPA as well?

  6. Hi Jen,


    From a recent post, I'm assuming that you are attending UTPA. Is this correct? And if so, how do you like it? =)

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