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  1. Thank you electric130! LPAK I work 24 hours per week. I just came back from maternity leave and am working 18 hrs/week but plan to transition back to 24 very soon.
  2. Hello, I've been working as a part-time PA ever since I graduated (2 years) and was wondering what kind of benefits are normal and should I expect. What do you get for PTO, CME, health insurance, maternity leave, etc. I get none of the above, so wondering if I can do better and try to bargain for more, or is this pretty much what I should expect everywhere.
  3. There are times I have seen patients without any physician on site due to emergencies. It's such a tough situation when I have to reschedule appointments with the physician and the patient took off of work to be there or had a difficult time getting a ride to be there. I absolutely hate doing that to my patients.
  4. I've been working part time as an ENT PA for 2 years straight out of PA school. I see patients in a private outpatient office; I do not do surgery. So far I've relied heavily on my supervising physician. I am slowly becoming more and more independent and can see patients on my own regarding otitis media, epistaxis, sialadenitis, hoarseness, vertigo, hearing loss, cerumen impaction etc and I'm able to do epistaxis cauterizations and laryngoscopies on my own. I still have difficulty figuring out some ear cases. Patients with cholestateoma or who have come for debridement of mastoid cavity r
  5. Physician Assistant Wanted: Post Date 10/23/2014 Title Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant FT/PT Part-Time Location Waldorf City Waldorf State Maryland Description Pain and Wellness Center of Maryland is looking for a part-time Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant. http://www.pwcentermd.com EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (List does not include all duties assigned) Interested and ability to perform successfully in a pain management office Performs complete
  6. Hey guys! I was accepted back in Sept. but was lurking around because I wanted to hear back from other schools first. I've decided to attend Towson! Woohoo! I'm really excited to meet everyone and to start the program! S.R.N PA I requested to join the group on facebook :)
  7. When choosing which PA schools apply to, how good the program is and PANCE rates are obviously large factors. But what if two schools have really good PANCE scores? For example George Washington University vs Towson University. Both schools have good passing rates, but you've probably never heard of Towson. Does name really matter. Towson is $22,716 for the entire program- that's dirt cheap! George Washington Univ. is a very great and well known program, has a fancy name, but is $71,492. I'm probably paying more for the name on my resume. Location isn't an issue because they are both
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