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  1. @ LESH: He is indeed overseeing the whole PA post-grad training program at the County, though the EMPA residency falls w/in the purview of the department of emergency medicine and I have not seen Mr. West since I interviewed with him. @EmedPA: The PA residents are remunerated on par w/ the interns so ~43K and full benefits.
  2. Hello. I am currently a resident along with one other PA at Cook County Hospital in their new (our class is the first class) EMPA residency. I think it is a fantastic program and I just wanted to put the name out there so that people can start to apply. CCH (aka J.H. Stroger Hospital) has been using PA's in the ED for many years, and they work in all parts of the ED. http://ccparesidency.com/index.html In broad strokes: As a PA resident you are folded into the incoming intern physician class, doing orientation with them, ACLS/PALS, Lectures etc... The year is divided up into 1
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