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  1. I do. Observed SP do a few, then I did a few on my own while she observed me. I also attended the Comprehensive Colposcopy course offered by ASCCP. I now do them independently.
  2. Hey girl!!! Didnt know u were on here!! I just joined about a month ago....LOL....I think this is a great site though. Wish I wouldve learned about it earlier when I first started PA school!

  3. VM!! :-D Hows the job coming along so far?
  4. I agree with Brad and Diva. I would take a 90 question practice exam on exam masters after each organ system and I would score between 60-65%. It made me nervous also, because I felt like I wasnt performing well enough on the practice exams to pass the PANCE. I can reassure you that exam masters is harder than the actual PANCE. The questions on exam masters are longer and more in depth than the questions on the PANCE, so if ur scoring in the 60's I wouldnt be too worried. Hope this eases ur nerves a little ;). Good luck on ur exam.
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