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  1. Anyone have an idea of the average urgent care salary/hourly wage in Ohio or surrounding areas? Is Zip Recruiter accurate?
  2. cboylb

    urgent care salary

    Anybody know what the average salary/hourly wage is for urgent care work in Ohio? Is the data on Zip Recruiter reliable?
  3. I have a new job offer that asks for 120 days notice before resignation. Their reasoning was "I have found 90 days in the past did not give us adequate time to find a suitable replacement". I feel like 90 is more the standard and is quite reasonable. Has anyone agreed to a notice of more than 90 days? Thanks for the input!
  4. I am interested in CVTS/EVH positions, but ALL of the job postings require EVH experience. Anyone have any recommendations on how to break into this field? I have been in primary care.
  5. I will be moving to Ohio later 2017. Anyone own their own practice in the Buckeye state?
  6. I worked in a Low T Clinic for about 8 months. Here are the basics: Good money (90-150K depending on how busy the clinic is), but they will probably expect you to work up to 55hrs/week. In the busy clinics you may see 50-70 patients/day, but the visits are very brief, so it's more doable than it may sound. You treat one thing and one thing only, so you get really good at treating low test, but it gets a little monotonous after a while, but there is some pleasure in not fretting over diagnoses/missed diagnoses and the simplicity of it all. Your title will be "clinic director" but don't be fooled, you may be in charge of day to day operation of the clinic, but you are still very much an employee, and there is a very structured protocol on how things are to be done. The company is owned by a business man, not a medical professional, and it is evident in the way the company is run. On the medical side: testosterone has a certain reputation, and it isn't always positive in the medical community. But I have personally seen it change men's lives. Some guys will come in dragging, desperate for answers on why they feel like they do. Then after a few months they feel like a different person. It can be very satisfying work. They have a very structured protocol, and it follows recommendations by professional societies. They do not jack up the testo levels to unsafe levels. Conclusion: If you are feeling burned out by your current job, Low T center may be a good change of pace for a couple years, but don't expect it to be a lifelong career.
  7. I was under the impression that a pa didn't necessarily have to be credentialed with insurances as long as the SP was. And when the claim is submitted, you use the SP'S credentialing,but the pa's NPI, and the insurance would automatically reduce reimbursement to the pa rate. Is this true? I work in TN, and one of my employers never bothered to credential any mid-levels for this reason.
  8. I worked for a practice on a locum tenens basis for a while, and the doc has offered me a full time position. In the initial unofficial contract offer (he gave me a sheet of paper with some figures on it) he said the practice would pay the temp agency buy-out, and also verbally said he would take care of it. Now, the official contract says the clinic will pay it, but I would repay the clinic for it on a quarterly basis. It's $12,000! Base salary: $78,000 (with bonus up to 103K) I will pay my all my own benefits. I know it's not great, but my background situation hasn't provided me with many options (i'll leave out the details), so I really don't want to lose this opportunity. But the contract seems to stink. My main question is about the buy-out. Anybody have a similar experience?
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