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  1. Gina

    Rhonda said that there is some hotels on campus that have rates at 35.00 a day. Not so bad. She said that they will be sending out information on them with our packet in February. I will mail your package on Monday! Might look at sharing, if you guys like. As for the week in May we will be there May 24-29th, per Rhonda. I already started looking at plane tickets and where I am going to stay. My mom works for Doubletree so I am checking on rates for the Doubletree on campus.

  2. Thanks! I was getting worried as well! I was a nervous wreck when the mailman finally came! Must be due to winter in the Rockies. I am excited to meet you both as well!!! Happy New Year! Have you both thought about housing? One of our PA's was in Grand Forks for a locums position and stayed at a nursing home there. He said it was quiet, relatively cheap and could get us the information and we could possibly stay there as well. :)

  3. Gina/Tammi


    Spoke with the school the admissions committee met the 16th and 17th. They will be sending out certified letters stating our status:eek:. They seemed to think we should know by the end of the year dependant upon when they got the letters mailed. Finally, the waiting is almost over. Good luck to you both! Hopefully an great christmas present for us!!!


    Happy Holidays.


  4. I would love to get into the program as well. It really fits with our life as well. I have a 17 y/o who is going into the Marine Corps next Dec:confused: , and we have a 13 y/o as well, we didn't want to uproot them. We both work in cardiac surgery and my husband has been working as a CV NP for 18 years, our entire family lives here as well.


    It was really hard to leave and go to perfusion school in Ohio for 2 years as they stayed here;). I guess you do what you have to to get by. Wow, 4 young children, and 17 credits..... you are wonderwoman! Have you found a preceptor yet? This seems to be the biggest stepping stone!


    I am contemplating taking Pharm as the last pharm I took was in grad school 10 years ago. Thought it would be a good review, even though I work with drugs on a daily basis (sometimes the chemistry is the hardest part to remember). Glad we have met, have you heard when they make their decisions by?



  5. Hey, glad to hear someone else will be on pins and needles. I have a BS in Biology, AS in Chemistry and then went to grad school for Cardiovascular Perfusion. I have worked as a perfusionist for 8 years now. I am refreshing my A&P I called them and since it has been 10 years since an class I am taking this.


    You do have to submit an essay. I spoke with the school and they did not know when they would start interviewing as it is their first year with CASPA. They were very pleasant when I spoke with them.


    I live in Colorado, a town that is about 150,000. So somewhat rural. Have you met anyone who has went through the program? I would love to hear their take on the didactic load. I am sure it is pretty tough, they seem to have a pretty strong pass rate on the PANCE. I am applying to the Red Rocks program in Colorado, although I really would like to do the ND program. Good luck to you as well!!!!! Perhaps we could be support along the way!!!


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