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  1. Social network! All the best jobs are not found through job boards.
  2. So what did everyone else think of the AAPA 2020 Conference on Demand CME? I just did the free 10 sessions/11.25 CME hours, which I felt was a decidedly mixed bag. Did anyone pay for more, and, if so, how was it?
  3. I had my fire department buy one of the Littmann ones for one of our EMTs who is hard of hearing. She loves it; I tried it and it sounded OK to me... but I'm not the one who's hard of hearing.
  4. Hmm. So both you and the OP are constituent organization elected leaders, and nameless Huddle mods are entitled to tell you what you're allowed to say publicly? I guess our future here is relatively secure.
  5. I had PA student business cards--You can get like $500 for 30 bucks from Vistaprint. Don't just use them with preceptors, give them to patients who you want to call you (personally) back if your site allows it. Give them to other professionals with whom you've worked. Give them to the other students you end up rotating with. ... and you'll still have a 2/3rds full box until you give up and throw away the rest when they're no longer relevant.
  6. Fair enough, but that's more of a feature of us letting people have their own opinions and a good bit of latitude to express them, rather than any sort of enforced orthodoxy. You're free to oppose independence; others are free to portray you as a counterrevolutionary.
  7. It will depend on the board's whim, I suppose. They could ask for anything they feel is reasonable, and I suppose you would have the choice to provide it, not provide it and not get licensed, or sue them. You might be better off consulting an attorney who has represented other medical professionals before this particular board, because I don't know that any of us can get more specific than that.
  8. I mean, it's overkill, but you can do the 24 hour DEA X-waiver training for SAMHSA.gov--Pretty sure that counts.
  9. Yeah, I don't think so. I mean, they can yell and scream or whatnot, but 1) the other participants can't email you; you can turn off notifications for private messages here, and 2) while most of the staff here have a pro-graduated independent practice bent in some way, shape, or form, that's neither enforced nor normative. Fact is, it's Huddle's own refusal to tolerate dissent that makes this a place favored by people who favor independent practice, of whatever speed or stripe. That, and we allow pseudonymity and non-AAPA members, although most of the old timers have disclosed identifying information and/or are AAPA members. We don't generally hand out warnings for being passive aggressive. I DO secure message people privately if I see an issue, and offer concrete suggestions to improve the situation as often as I can see them.
  10. It's been alluded to above, but I want to ask explicitly: What, in honest detail, is your pre-PA experience?
  11. Weren't specified, hence not a fit. But if I wanted an MA or LPN job, I wouldn't specify PA/NP/MD/DO either.
  12. Why limit it to providers associated with community hospitals? That knocks me out.
  13. Some (most?) schools accept volunteer/9-1-1 EMT hours, so it's not strictly paid only.
  14. Those requirements post-dated my licensure, sorry. When in doubt, I definitely would. Don't bother trying to call anyone in DOH, as far as I know they've all been repurposed to Covid-19 tasks.
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