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  1. Not as far as I know. Any idea how many people were wait listed?
  2. If you can't afford a $300 suit, how can you afford tuition? ^^ Wow really? I bought a dark blue suit from H+M and a blouse from NY+Co for my PA interview and paid around $80 for everything. I think if you can find separates that match, go for it. You dont have to spend $300 on a suit to look professional and polished.
  3. Math- 147 (yikes- I know, but haven't taken a math class in 12+ years aside from statistics) Verbal - 158 Havent gotten my written scores back yet. Im thinking of taking it over just because the math score is so awful but I am wondering if it is worth it. Otherwise, my GPA is solid and I have 4000+ hrs HCE. Thoughts?
  4. So theres no where to put it in progress? Not even under health related certificates?
  5. Hi- I am currently scheduled to start a paramedic certificate course in September. Where would this go in the CASPA application? Thanks
  6. Guess since school has started already that its a no. Kind of messed up they didn't even notify us....
  7. LiveLaughLove


    Im applying to multiple schools, some require GRE and some have not. Does anyone know if you are allowed to submit application without GRE scores and then just send the GRE scores directly to the schools or do you HAVE to have GRE scores submitted with the CASPA app? Its kind of holding up my app since I haven't taken the GREs yet. Thanks
  8. Waitlisted as in the class is already full?
  9. How was the online Biochem at UNE? I was thinking of taking it
  10. Hi Does anyone know when the February interview is scheduled for? Thanks!
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