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  1. Congrats- I just took my exam on the 14th. With Thanksgiving being on Thursday (when they generally release the scores), anybody want to speculate when I'll get mine back?
  2. Since the original post I have gotten an offer from them, however what they said was competitive was not the case. Offer is in the mid-70's. I have also received a few other interviews and offers. I'm currently in the end phases of interviews and receiving offers so I can make a decision soon hopefully.
  3. I'm interested to hear what you seasoned PA's have to say about this: Recently I heard of a job in neurosurgery, and as a new grad the starting salary would be "at least 6 figures" and then on call pay was generally $45-55K additionally because they are having to cover a LOT due to being low in staff at the moment. However, in this current position you'd be working around 80-100 hrs. a week. Decent benefits by way of insurance and other bennies ($4K in CME's, 30 days off plus 1 week for CME's). The employees there are very open and honest about the fact that PA's come, get lots of money fo
  4. I've interviewed with several different practices and each one of them involved at the very LEAST one dinner, if not ALL the meals. One interview that I went on essentially had each meal as an opportunity to meet with a different physician in the practice. So my wife and I had breakfast with one doc, lunch with another doc plus the practice manager, then dinner with the practice's PA....we had a VERY high caloric intake that day. Wow...And at every "dinnerview" we've been on they've always said, "Hey, this is on the hospital's dime, so get whatever you want!" We were always respectful and cons
  5. My wife recently wrote this for other wives and thought I'd share: There are so many things I wish I would have known at the beginning of this journey. So many tidbits of helpful information that I did get. So as we're approaching the end of the student life journey, I thought I would share what it is that I've learned in my role as the spouse of a student in the medical field for others who may be approaching this new chapter themselves. 1. It is important to realize that no one role in the relationship is more important than the other. Both are equally taxed, but in different ways.
  6. True that. I'm pretty sure it won't be "just me", and I agree entirely that I'll require a LOT of hand holding. I am entirely prepared for the first two years to be like unto drinking out of a fire hydrant. I'm not so naive to not know that. By way of answers to Contrarian's questions- I'll be a new grad. My undergrad is in neuro. And I also will have had a peds. neurosurg rotation before I graduate...But that's the end of my "contribution list". I come with more than the average new grad by way of neurological understanding, likely, but still as green as they come.
  7. Ok Professional PA's, question: I've been talking with a recruiter about a position at a VERY prominent Children's hospital, and they are opening up a new inpatient pediatric neuroscience institute that they're interested in me for. The salary (as a new grad) would likely be around 95-100K, shifts would be 3/12's and the shifts would be decided as a "team" at the institute between the PA's/NP's that work there as it will need 24/7 coverage. The recruiter had mentioned that this would be a very good resume builder and very exciting opportunity to be one of the firsts there and be there to
  8. @PAFGUY 77, by way of an update, I should hearback from this particular position early next week. Since I originally posted they've flown me out for a second interview. It has been a somewhat lengthy process, but that's ok since I have time with my graduation not until later in the year. In the meantime I've also had several more interviews incluiding another "me & the wife" trip to another state. I also have a few others in the works. It's just a matter of which offer is the best and we feel would be the best decision for our family. But they're all in the "we have a few more candidates t
  9. Ok, here's the deal: Yes, money isn't the MOST important thing when it comes to taking a job or not. However, with student loans and a family it is also VERY important. I recently went on the first of two interviews with a specialty group that I'm very interested in (they flew me and my spouse across the country, paid for everything, etc.). But we still haven't discussed any sort of salary or benefits, etc. I have asked via email before my interview and all that they responded with was, "we are very competitive." Thoughts? Should I be concerned that they don't want to disclose the salary,
  10. Hey all, I won't be graduating for a good six months or so and have several extremely interested potential employers (all of which are speciality practices, particularly neurosurgery with the exception of one). My wife and I are being flown out to several different places and will have a lot of deciding to do. However, I do have several questions, as this would be my first job out of school: 1. Are there any legal implications I need to be aware of going into this? Can I legally sign a contract or agree to employment prior to my commencement? 2. Do I tell the potential employers about
  11. Hey all- I have been given a tentative offer in a pediatric cardiology practice in NV and would like to know what salary I should generally be looking for as a new grad. I can get general salary info for cardiology (adult/general), but not as specialized as peds. I would be the first PA in the practice and so coming to the table I will need some valuable salary information. Thoughts? Thanks!
  12. I'm looking into a hospitalist neurosurg position that has rotating shift work (working 3 12's per week, then rotating days for a month, nights for a month, and weekend days for a month). I like the idea of 4 days off a week but would like to know how it is working this kind of schedule long term. How does it effect your circadian rythms, family life, etc.?
  13. I too would love to hear the advice/response any current neurosurg PA's have to offer- how was your rotation w/ the neurosurg group? What did they allow you to do?
  14. In September, my wife was doing a fitness bootcamp and was running quite a bit. One morning she thought she'd pulled her groin. She is 26, 5'4" and 135#s. No family HX of "osteo" problems. The pain was pretty intense for a few days post "pull." She went to her PCP (who is also a PA). She was given an RX for 500mg Naproxen and told to just rest it and refrain from any sort of physical activity for at least 4 weeks and then come back (no crutches given, etc.). She went back and was still having discomfort with certain movements and was told to wait 2 more weeks. Fast forward to November 23, when
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