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  1. Nope. This is in Canada. Different from the USA.
  2. Update! I have managed to have the issue escalated through the ranks of RBC and, lo and behold, they told me they are going to approve PA programs and designate PAs as a profession in the RBC system. This whole process should take another month or so but they told me that, by June, PA students in Canada will be eligible for the professional student lines of credit.
  3. lol guys. Yes, I am Canadian and I am talking about Canadian PA programs.
  4. Hey, I have been speaking to banks and they have been telling me that 1) they have never heard of PAs or PA programs and 2) after I explain what it is and send them links from the school/government web-sites they tell me that they don't consider PA programs eligible for professional student LOCs (despite the fact that law, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, chiropractic, social work, and other professions, many with lower income potential, do qualify). Has anyone been able to get this done or should I just start thinking about other avenues of funding?
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