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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if you guys received the Welcome Packet from Howard University. It talks about a Mandatory Orientation that new students to Howard need to attend. I called the PA department and talked to someone from admissions and I was given two different answers on whether Upper Division PA students would need to attend or not. I know we have an orientation for the PA program on the 19th but does anyone know if we have to attend the orientation from Howard starting on the 13th and onwards. It is geared towards incoming freshmen attending Howard so I'm a bit confused. I live out of state so it would be very hard for me to fly back and forth to DC because I don't plan on moving there until the 17th. Let me know if you guys know anything about this. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I have also been accepted and will be starting this Fall! I'm actually going to be living with two my friends that currently go to school in the DC area. We are in the process of apartment hunting! I wonder how big our class will be because no one else has responded. Congrats to you Exotich!
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