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  1. Yea, and even their most recent laptop specs sheet mentions that the dual-boot mode of Macs doesn't meet the requirements, so I would assume that would include Parallel. Which is interesting btw, if it's true about what the previous person said about it really just being about Internet Explorer.
  2. I'm in the same situation as you Chris. My impression was that there is absolutely no way around it. I'm not looking forward to being dragged back into the Windows world (nor am I excited about having to buy another laptop)...
  3. Man, Oregon is sounding so depressing for PA's... OHSU was (is?) one of my top choices too
  4. Thanks, Monniw! Good luck to you as well. You got an interview, and they always say that is the hardest part.
  5. Undergrad Ed School: University of California, San Diego - Bioengineering Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.50 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.54 Last 45 Hours GPA: 3.91 Age at application time: 25 1st GRE: 650V 720Q 4.5 Direct Patient Care: EMT-B (3500 hours) Extracurricular/Research Activities: Anatomy TA, UCSD Cancer Center Outreach Volunteer, EKG Dept. Volunteer, UCSD Undergraduate Research Program, Habitat for Humanity, PA Shadowing Schools Applied: Um, in retrospect, way too many... Application Submitted Date: 6/28/10 Schools Received Application Date: 7/6/10 Interview Invites: Stony Brook, Rosalind Franklin, UT Southwestern, Salus, MCPHS Worcester, Midwestern Downers Grove & Glendale, Quinnipiac, UMDNJ, Hofstra, DeSales, Saint Francis, University of Florida (to be continued...) Denied: Philadelphia University (to be continued...) Withdrew Application: Salus, Midwestern Downers Grove & Glendale, Hofstra, DeSales, Saint Francis, University of Florida (to be continued...) Waitlisted: (to be continued...) Accepted: Rosalind Franklin (to be continued?) Attending: (to be determined...) Attempts: First To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I set the record for most schools applied, or at least came close. I felt I was good on paper, but I just couldn't be sure, seeing how competitive programs are especially given the rise in applicants over the years. But mostly, I was pretty terrified of interviews actually, and I felt like I needed as many interviews as possible to make sure I got in at least somewhere. Well lo and behold, my very first interview, at Rosalind Franklin, resulted in quick offer of acceptance! And coming out of that interview, I did not feel confident at all about how it went. But I guess that just goes to show how severely I underestimated my chances, and how I really should have had more confidence in myself. Granted, I hope the rest of these interviews result in similarly positive fashion. But at this point, I can't complain. The process is going great so far, and I'll be going to PA school somewhere next year!
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