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  1. Gave up my seat in the class today...hope someone gets it!!
  2. Gave up my seat in the class today..hope someone gets it!!
  3. Gave up my seat in the class today.. DE Campus..Hope someone gets it!!
  4. I gave up my seat in the class last week so hopefully someone will get it!
  5. SoCo PA- I was also wondering about in-state tuition. If we buy a house in Alabama, we are eligible for in-state tution our second year?
  6. I interviewed on Jan 6th, got a hold email shortly after and just got an acceptance email!
  7. I was also accepted!! Received a call on Thursday and letter yesterday!
  8. Congrats!! I am also on the wait list and hope to hear some good news in the future!
  9. I received an interview for 12/9!!! Any advice??
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