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  1. I've shadowed in two trauma I hospitals. In one the PA's only did fast track...in the other, they did it all...
  2. Kelly B, thanks!!! Def. bummed, but I got a few other schools that might give me the nod...Thanks for thinking about me. It is a tedious process that I hope I dont have to do again, but if i have to, i will...HECK, i just wish they would of told me this in november and not give me hope till practically Feb....oh well...
  3. i talked to them today....I asked them if they could tell me my status....she said she could tell me if I was accepted...and she did tell me........THAT I WASN'T ACCEPTED! I was waiting for her to say "GOTCHA!"....naw, she said "I'M SORRY!" She said that all rejections go out next week. So if you haven't heard anything, it's probably not good. Oh well....life goes on....bummed as heck!!! Good luck to all...I still got a some hope with other programs!!! ALL SMILES THOUGH!!! BLESSINGS
  4. so...anyone else feeling like me? I haven't heard anything....ANYTHING!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the info!!! I've been waiting since the first interviews last October...So i'm ready to find out!!! Best Wishes to all of you...Hope we all get in somewhere!!!
  6. Hello all, I was wondering how interviews went last Saturday. Any news on when letter of any sort will be going out... I saw there was some post but for some reason there all gone...
  7. how'd it do?! Yeah, I'm a wreck, cause I haven't heard anything yet...my wife tells me to chill out...I am checking my e-mail constantly and I even check the mail box 2-3 times a day, just in case...Congrats on UTHSCSA...
  8. It is a very simple conversation...just like a "Hello, how are you" conversation. It really isn't anything to panic about...unless, you misrepresented yourself on the supp. app...
  9. Hey,

    Happy Birthday(a day late)!! Hope all is well. So, have you heard anything from any of the programs....Accepted??

  10. I am happy that I interviewed in Oct...but JEBUS, having to wait till Jan 2010 is making me go crazy.... For those that just interview last weekend....WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROGRAM?
  11. If you recall...on the supp. app. there is a section about spanish proficiency. I think they just want to make sure you didn't exaggerate. It really isn't a big deal...unless, you lied on your supp. app....Now...why they do it that way....I don't know.
  12. I would give them a call. I received my Trans. Eval like a couple weeks after I mailed in my supp. app....
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