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  1. I just want to thank everyone here who shared their resources and experiences. I recently took the PANCE and am so relieved to say that I passed! I wanted to come back here and share with everyone how I studied and what I would have done the same or differently. I honestly felt like I failed the PANCE after I took it and am so glad that I passed. The PANCE was different than any of the questions I studied but maybe all the reading and practice tests/questions prepared me in the end. I can’t guarantee that how I studied will mean that you will pass too but it worked for me. Here is how I prepared: · I graduated at the beginning of August and took about 2 weeks off to relax at home with friends and family. Then buckled down and studied for about 2 ½ weeks, around 8 hours a day. · I read the AAPA comprehensive book and did all of the questions (I did this throughout the year but did it again after graduation). Reviewed topics that I thought were kind of weak with my own notes from school and with online research. · Studied as many packrats as I could. · Signed up with PanceMaster and completed all of the questions. · Completed several exams in the Lange Q&A (cardio, pulm, ortho, rheum). · I took both of the NCCPA practice exams Here is what I wish I had done: · Take the exam 1 week after graduation. I wish I hadn’t taken so long to take the test, I think it created more stress. I also regret that I didn't start studying for the PANCE sooner. I was studying all year for rotations, but I waited until after graduation to really focus on practice PANCE questions. · Take the exam on a Monday! I took mine on a Thursday and it was torture waiting 7 days for the results! · Sign up with PanceMaster 1-2 months before taking the test. (I really crammed to do as many questions as I did in only 2 ½ weeks and I really wish I had spaced it out better). · Read the AAPA comprehensive book and do all the questions. Review topics that are weak. · Do as many packrats as you can. (I think the packrats are easier than the PANCE but it’s good practice to take long tests). · I really liked PanceMaster, it cost $55 for over 1000 questions. I thought these questions were the most difficult out of all the questions that I studied. · The Lange Q&A is good, I thought the cardio and pulm were fairly simple and straightforward but some of the other exams were really hard for me, maybe it just depends on your strengths. · I regret doing the NCCPA practice exams, which cost me a total of $70, $35 for each exam. These exams don’t give you feedback on specific questions and so you’re left wondering what the correct answer was. Hopefully this might help someone out there with their studies. Thanks again for everyone’s help here!
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