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  1. Just spreading the word about our Facebook group page for Campbell University's PA program. If you got accepted and plan on attending this August, join our group!! :-D https://www.facebook.com/groups/334126883265346/
  2. here you go - https://www.facebook.com/groups/334126883265346/ if that doesn't work, try looking up "Campbell University PA class of 2014" and join :)
  3. I've been waiting so long to post in this thread. I don't have the best stats, but with persistence and determination, it's possible to get in. I think my PS, extracurricular activities, and upward trend in grades helped me get interview invites. Undergrad Ed School: NC State University Major: Biology (minors in Genetics & Spanish) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.21 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.24 (pre-req GPA ranged btw 3.2 -3.7) Post-Bacc GPA: 4.0 Age at application time: 25 1st GRE: 990 2nd GRE: 1050 Direct Patient Care : ~1100 hours as a CNA Extracurricular/Research Activities: Neuroscience research lab technician, Student worker at NCSU health center, Volunteer English teacher, Hospital volunteer, Alternative Spring Break trip to New Orleans for Katrina relief, College ambassador, Community projects Shadowing Cary Cardiology -- shadowed 4 MDs, 2 NPs, & 1 PA Duke Urgent Care -- shadowed 2 PAs Schools Applied: 11 Campbell Duke Wake Forest EVMS JMU GWU Arcadia (Glenside & Christiana campuses) Drexel Lock Haven PCOM Application Submitted Date: Submitted CASPA on 8/4, sent out to schools 8/19 Interview Invites: JMU -- 10/21 interview date Wake Forest -- 11/8 interview date Campbell -- 11/18 interview date Lock Haven -- 12/14 interview date Denied: Arcadia George Washington Duke Withdrew Application: Lock Haven Univ (did not attend interview) EVMS PCOM Drexel Waitlisted: JMU Wake Forest Accepted: Campbell -- So excited!! 2nd attempt Thanks to everyone who've been helpful on this forum! Good luck to current & future applicants! :)
  4. As far as I know, there isn't a facebook page. You're welcome to create one. Let us know if you do.
  5. YAY Congrats pathtopac!!! I haven't seen a school page (on here) dedicated to Campbell's class of 2014. Any admin willing to create a Campbell page for us?? That'd be awesome!
  6. Good luck on your interview tomorrow! Let us know how it goes :)
  7. Is it possible to make the font of the category links a bit bigger? I still feel like I'm squinting trying to find different categories, even with my glasses (no I don't need new prescriptions :P) Thanks!
  8. check out this thread :) http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/33106-Any-Word-from-Campbell
  9. CASPA didn't send my app out to schools until 8/19 and I too have not heard anything. Thanks for letting us know, d.charles!
  10. I agree with everyone here in that you have to raise your GPA, get >1000 on the GREs, and get more quality HCE. I briefly mentioned my high school volunteering in my PS, but didn't put down my hours under the "work/volunteer experience" on CASPA. If you don't get in this cycle, make sure you have a stellar PS and apply early for next cycle. You have 100% control over your PS so really work on that and "sell" yourself in a positive light. Don't give up! If this is what you really want to do, then give it all you got, work harder and stay positive! Good luck :)
  11. Yup, definitely send thank you note(s). It's best to send it as soon as possible after your interview.
  12. There were 2 interview sessions the day I went (which I didn't know until I got there) - a morning one (9a to ~1pm), and an afternoon one (12p to ~4). In the beginning they gave us a packet with handouts and a complete schedule of the morning or afternoon. The morning session ended and afternoon session started with a Q&A with the students (no faculty in the room) and then we were broken up into smaller groups for a tour of the building. We went back to the lecture room where the faculty joined us, introduced themselves, and talked about the didactic and clinical year of the program and a little bit about financial aid. We had a 10 minute break and then interviews began - a faculty & community PA interviewing you at the same time, which lasted about 20-30 minutes. They asked me the general/basic questions (why PA/not MD? why campbell?, etc). Not sure how other interviewees' time went, but I felt relaxed because the PAs bounced off each other's thoughts/ideas and it felt more like a conversation instead of an interview. I felt like I was laughing and smiling the whole time (I know I made them laugh a couple of times, so that helped me feel calm). After interviews, we went for a tour of part of the campus - especially the library (so wear comfortable shoes!). Like everyone's saying, be yourself, relax, and stay positive/smiling (the faculty and staff are so friendly and welcoming). Good luck!
  13. http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/18474-New-PA-programs The link/thread above started in 2009 but some people mentioned a few programs starting last year and this year. Not sure what state you're looking into, but Elon University (NC) will have a class starting January 2013 and High Point University (NC) will have a PA program, just not sure when they're starting (it's "under development" on their website).
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