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  1. I must be in a state of depressed salaries. Certainly one where PAs are underutilized. It’s one of those “sexy” mountain states. 2.5 years out of school, trauma and acute care surgery in an academic center. 3/12s, no nights/weekends/holidays, just a glorified secretary (I write notes and discharge summaries). $95k/yr.
  2. Thanks for the reply--I figured that there should be some cme and vaca as a primary position!
  3. Minimum 12 shifts a month. 80% days. 65/hr day shift 75/hr night shift (night solo coverage with 5min or less doc backup) No overtime paid beyond the 12 hour shift. Health insurance, dental, vision premiums covered 100% 401K 3% matching license, DEA, malpractice, tail covered. No CME $ or time. No PTO or sick time. Personal: Would be an 80mile/1.5 hour commute. 1 mountain pass. Group provides an apartment at which to stay and groups your shifts into 2s, 3s and 4s. Anyone done a commute like this? Workable for a work/life balance? Thanks, all.
  4. Beckjhong


    There's a fair amount of resistance to out of state schools doing rotations in a state with physician assistant programs. The idea being, those students have the priority for rotations in the state they are attending school. Best of luck, beware the political waters.
  5. Corpsman- Sage advice, thank you. Yeah, none of the fellas have faulted me at all--the guilt is all from me. There will always be some decent stories to tell!
  6. SHC-CH- So it gets better? Everyone- Thanks all for the input. Who'd have thought I'd have such a hard time taking off the uniform.
  7. My background is as a FF/Paramedic. As a PA-S1, I'm digging the material big time. However, it's been harder than I ever thought to leave the fellas and the job. Anyone else here experience this? On the other end (in practice) are there medical settings that have a similar espirit de corps? Thanks.
  8. There are people that get in on their first shot. I highly doubt anyone looks at an information sign-in sheet. The program is looking for the best individuals that fit with the mission of the program. Remember, the PA profession is (originally) built on upgrading the skills of people that already had healthcare experience. If you try and shoehorn yourself in with "what passes for HCE," contemplate whether you are doing yourself or your future patients any favors. The program asks that you justify your HCE through an essay. If you can convince them your experience is HCE, it's HCE. BUT
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