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  1. 5 years in and I love practicing medicine as a PA. I won’t lie, my current work place isn’t my dream job… because I loved working at my previous job which was an FQHC, but the administration was horrible! Now I am in the private sector (I do make more money) but not only am I a PA, but also the clinic administrator (my background is health admin). PA’s have a collaborative relationship with our supervising doctor and he is always available for questions. Benefits are ok, but I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule being the clinic administrator. Some positive things: As a PA, I’ve been able to start a program for uninsured patients (small program, for our clinic only) that has improved health outcomes within the uninsured population at our clinic. As a PA, I’ve been able to practice medicine which I find fascinating. As a PA, I earn a pretty good living. I've had to pay my way through college, PA school (my program was a cert program) and now grad school. It's nice to pay back over $80,000 credit card debt that I had accumulated due to everyday living expenses since moving out in my early 20s (not including student loans). I didn't grow up with much money so it's also nice to financially help out my family and extended family when I can. As a PA, I’ve been able to heal and comfort patients, which at the end of the day that’s really all I wanted to do. In my honest opinion, I just think it’s where you work and what you do with it. I have lots of friends that aren’t happy as a PA and justifiably so. They get paid less than NP’s and get treated unfairly.I think in medicine you will find there is just so much burn out in general from all healthcare workers that we tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive. I will probably get in trouble for saying this but I wanted to go to med school, becuase I didn't know what a PA was until I was treated by one in the ER a few semesters before I applied to PA school. Now, the only time that I regret being a PA and not MD is when I worry about not having a supervising physician- if he retires, etc. I am very lucky to have found a career path that has taught me so many important life lessons. - Sorry I rambled but thought I would share. Good luck with your studies!
  2. My badge says PA, coat says PA and I intruduce myself as a PA and might correct them once if they call me "doc" depending on the situation.. I refer to myself and my collegues as medical practiotioners (I work with many NP's and MD's- I am the only PA). However, most of my patients only speak Spanish- It's funny, in Spanish the legal translation for our profession is "Asociado Medico" -Medical Associate. Most of my patients don't get it... they wish me luck in my future med school studies and end their consversation by "thank you doctorcita"- (female doctor in Spanish) :D
  3. Hey, my clinic is not too far from San Fernando (LA by Echo Park). I can prob have you shadow me during my evening shift (4:45-7:00pm). It was hard for me to get shadowing expereince so I'll be happy to help...(Just FYI it is 98% Spanish Speaking and uninsured)... Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Hi Emerson 104!

    We made it! Congrats! :) I live in Chatsworth (the valley) so I plan on commuting the dreaded 405 for the first few months. I probably will be moving to LA with my family in a couple of months cause the drive will burn me out. Are you from around here?

  5. Hi,

    I had heard from you in May on a GPA post and I just want you to know that I got accepted into a PA program last week :) ... so if I can do it .....trust me so can u....don't give up :) if you fall, get back up. Good luck! Ana, CDU class of 2011 :)

  6. I wish you the best of luck future PA-C. keep me posted :)

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