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  1. Hi all, just wondering what are the rules and regulations about having "Botox parties" in people's private homes. I have my own LLC, covered with my own malpractice, a SP in plastics ready to sign on. I have heard different stories about the legal aspects of having them in private homes as compared to "spas" and actual medical offices. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for clarifying gbrothers98. Took my PANRE on 6/26, received my score this morning. Happy to report I am in the 97% pile of peers!!!
  3. Thank you. I just took my PANRE on 6/26 and anxiously waiting for the results. It's the worst. I remember taking my PANCE on a Wednesday and literally received the score the next day.
  4. Looking around the forum, seems like the consensus is 350 is the passing score. Does that pertain to the PANCE or the PANRE too? I was told by a colleague who took the PANRE last year the passing score was 379. Anyone would like to clarify?
  5. Hi all, I'm looking into starting a surgical first assist business. It will be basically a company of one, myself. I have read if you are a professional who requires any type of license to work in a specific state, then it'll be better to PLLC or Inc your business and not LLC. I live and work in NJ and will not be traveling outside of my state to work. Which type of business is the best for me? PLLC, LLC, Inc? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi all, just doing some research. I'm looking into purchasing my own insurance so I can work in an urgent care setting part time. I currently work in orthopedics and my malpractice is provided by my practice. I don't think my current insurance will cover me if I work outside of my group. Just wondering what companies are recommended, preferably one that would allow monthly payments of the premium. And has anyone ever heard of Mededge? Thank you all in advance.
  7. Just a quick question. Having PAs signing consents for surgery is determined by state law or determined by the specific hospital policy? Are there any regulations for PAs signing consents in NJ? When I practiced in NYC, I was able to sign the consent and as long as the surgeon signed the it within 24 hours, it was acceptable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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