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  1. Thank you Primadonna for all of your insightful advice. I have accepted the residency position and hope to start August 1st. As far as prison system is concerned: I thought I would need more clinical acumen, wisdom, patience, and discretion in order to tolerate/survive the environment of correctional medicine. Therefore, I'm glad I opted for the residency instead. This decision works out very well because my husband is active duty Army, so we're delighted to welcome the extra income. I will have to move to Augusta soon and can't wait to add hills to my running regimen. I am excited to see where this program will take me in my career. I am definitely looking forward to being a very competent and confident EMPA in the next 2 years.
  2. Thank you for your response TA. I have decided to accept the residency. I requested a start date of August 1st and the licensing and credentialing mayhem has already began. I'm looking forward to seeing how the program unfolds. I'm sure most things, if not all things, are subject to change. I plan to keep inquiring minds in the know as time goes on.
  3. The point of contact for the program is Janelle Davis. Her office phone number is 706-721-2613. I always found it difficult to make contact with her. When I interviewed, she was very apologetic about not staying on top of returning my phonecalls and emails. It turns out she is the only EM Residency Coordinator for ALL three classes of MD and the PA residents. The outgoing residents graduate on the 20th of this month, so she may be swamped right now. Hopefully, you will have more luck in making contact with her after things settle down with graduation. The email I used to correspond with her is emresidency@gru.edu. Her office is in the Emergency Medicine Building (AF-1020) on the MCG campus, 1120 15th Street, Augusta, GA 30912. I haven't called or emailed her in a while because I know she's busy with the outgoing residents, but I'm sure I'll hear from her sooner than later for credentialing, badges, etc. I will ask her if there are better ways to communicate and correspond with her and I will let you know. I hope this helps.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm checking in to give an update on the MCG/GRU EMPA residency. I interviewed on yesterday and met with a dynamic group of individuals. I met with several key figures of the program and was intrigued about what they had to offer. I was so eager to share the details with you all! The goal of this program is to develop a thoroughly rural competent PA, although the PA is free to practice wherever they want after completion. The curriculum is 2 years and consists of 13- 28 day rotations for each year rotating with 3 hospital systems (MCG, VA, Trinity). For the first year, the PA resident's priority role is the be a learner. This curriculum is online, didactic, grand rounds, and procedural based with some shadowing, patient rounds, and light shifts, of course with increasing responsibilities and autonomy. The second year has the PA in full "working" mode, but still under academic protection. Compensation is $70,000/year (about $10,000 more than what the PGY 8 residents are making) plus benefits and malpractice coverage. Since the residency will be an "under contract" type of thing, I have the option to leave the program after I complete the first year of training, however, I will have to repay $30,000 of the $70,000 salary I earned if I chose not to go through with the second year. So I guess we all could agree that it may be among the likes of a regular job. That's the impression I got. There is currently 1 PA there that is finishing up her 2nd residency year and will be hired on as a staff PA soon. All but 2 of their staff EDPAs completed a residency prior to their employment. As far as my personal experience, the events of the day was not what I expected. I expected an environment and staff similar to the PA school interviews we all endured. It actually more catered to giving me good insight on the goals and details of the program and their expectations of me. The medical directors and administrative staff were uber friendly and laid back. They also expressed their excitement about all the new EMPA curriculum, medical technologies, and remodeling projects within the hospital. After the initial meeting, I got a complete tour of the ED, met with a few more directors, and was then treated to lunch at a nice little downtown restaurant. The directors I met with told me they have several individuals apply for the residency, but they didn't feel the other candidates CVs were as impressive as mine. So at this point, I was the only candidate worthy of interview. They "liked" my personality, quick wit, and sense of humor. I remained humble and professional throughout the day, but on the inside, my head was so swollen!!! I'm not sure if I was being buttered up because they wanted to fill a position or if I'm really a great candidate. I have only experienced 3 interviews where the medical directors tried to sell me on the position. The other interviews involved the 1-on-1 or panel sessions similar to what I remember from PA school interviews. They would like a response from me sooner than later because they want to get started on the licensing process. Starting date is flexible. The MD residents start on July 1st which is around the corner and they understand that would be a little difficult for me since I would have to move. I'm thinking of starting at or around August 1st. In the meantime, We will be working on licensing and credentialing. Although the licensing may not be finalized by August 1st, I will still incur income on that day. I'll be in the midst of catching up on orientation so that I will eventually be on par with the MD residents. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'd be the only PA for this incoming residency class. The director reassured me that I would have their full support and protection especially if and when I find myself in situations where MDs oust me from patient exposure and procedures in the ED. I took that with a grain of salt. I have good feelings about my visit. I wanted to practice in the EM field, but employers would pass over my CV because as a new grad, I don't have the experience required to do well in those positions. This may be a good thing for me. I'm not too concerned about the pay because it's more than the $0/year I'm making now and I know I will eventually have good earning potential in the future. I had written off this residency because I found it difficult to correspond with them and was getting impatient with nit hearing back from them in timely manners. I agreed to interview because my husband convinced me to go for the experience as well as an excuse to leave town for the weekend. I have already agreed to join the medical team at the Georgia State Prison, but have not signed any contracts yet nor have I submitted the credentialing paperwork or the license application. So, I don't have a start date yet. I'll initially be a contract employee with no benefits with pay of $46/hr (which is about the rate of $95,000/yr), but I wouldn't be contracted for too long. I have to work at least 40 hours per week and flexible shifts are allowed (4-10hr / 4-9hr & 1-4hr/ 3-12hr & 1-4hr/ 5-8hr) If I do well and have a good working relationship with the Physician and PA, I may be offered a permanent position with salary of $70-72K plus benefits, malpractice, & tail. The catch is......I would have to commute 1.5 hours each way. Both jobs are pretty much in my hand. I just have to make a final decision. I have prayed about it and I'm trying to be patient, but I hope to make the phonecall tomorrow morning. As of now, I'm leaning towards withdrawing from the State Prison job and accepting the residency, but I kinda feel guilty about it. That is all I have for now. Any thoughts about the program? Am I crazy? Would any of you wonderful folks consider this EMPA residency? I think it's a good thing. The directors and the residency coordinator would like to advertise the program on the APPAP.org website for future applicants, so I think this is going to be a popular program as time goes on.
  5. Congrats on your recent graduation! If you haven't already tried it, indeed.com is a good place to start. just type in "emergency medicine physician assistant" and Georgia-or Atlanta, GA because you want to be specific. Maybe correctional medicine as well. Call Joanna Goulding @ 888-995-9206 to inquire about possible open positions. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  6. He never mentioned that to me. Apparently, he's also modest. I hope to have the honor of meeting him. Yes, that salary is nauseating. I was thinking the COL was just that low and therefore the salary was justified. Thank God I have a working husband. I did a little bit of research and found a quaint apartment complex online called Olde Towne. They have studio plans starting at around $350/month. Scary!! Makes me think ghetto environment. While I was in PA school in San Antonio, I flew the entire 3yrs solo with our 2 children while my husband was stationed in South Korea, Savannah GA, and Afghanistan. It's was the toughest time of my life! The kids and I lived in a rental property while my husband lived in a roommate or barracks type situation. If selected, my husband will stay in Savannah with the kids while I do the studio or roommate thing in Augusta. So, hopefully, the bad pay will not hurt so much. I will still inquire about housing and subsidies. The pay has to be better than that! I hope that anyone there with a beating heart will reconsider the compensation. It's almost insulting, but I am willing to go along with it because I don't feel I have any other recourse to getting into the workforce. Despite it all, I am excited about it.
  7. Dr. Bruce Janiak is the medical director that called me. The salary sucks on an epic scale- $28,000 + $2,000 for health insurance & parking = $30,000. Terrible. It's good to know what to expect as far as the patients are concerned. Something tells me, if selected, I'm in for a very steep learning curve. I'm really looking forward to learning more about this program next week.
  8. Thank you so much for your post! I was thinking the exact same thing!! Aside from APPAP.org, I learned on this forum that there are some residencies not listed and one would have to their own searching to research other less known residencies. After finding the site and reviewing the information, I contacted the school for clarification. This was in November 2013. The coordinator informed me the info was outdated, but she would get back with me to give me more updated information. She also informed me the program was on a hiatus due to a changing-out of staff (whatever that meant). Afterwards, I didn't hear from her for about 6-8 weeks. I emailed her to follow up in January 2014, but didn't get a response until close to the end of March. She informed me the program was "back on" again and if I wanted, I could apply to the program. All my materials had to be submitted by May 1st. Up until that point, I would leave voicemails and emails with no response. I did however, receive a random Sunday phonecall from the medical director of the program (who was on duty at the time). He was very kind and addressed most of my questions and concerns. I have since then received an invite to interview at the program and have agreed to report on Friday May 30th. The residency coordinator is still somewhat difficult to reach by phone, so I email her when I have questions and concerns. I agree with your statement about the pay. I really hope compensation is WAY BETTER than what is posted. As of now, I am ok with the terrible pay. It's more than what I'm getting paid right now. I have a few reasons for applying to the program. I graduated in May 2013 from UTHSCSA and moved to Savannah, Georgia to be with my Active Army husband. The job market was lackluster and no establishment was interested in hiring a new PA. Many of the positions I applied for required a current license, but as a new graduate, I did not have a possess one. In the state of Georgia, the Medical Board will not review any license applications until a PA is hired and his/her SP completes and submits pertinent paperwork. Therefore, I was stuck in a never ending dilemma of no license-no job, no job-no license. I also became pregnant at the time of my extensive job search, so when I began to show, I believe my interviewers were put off by my pregnant belly. I'm 12 weeks postpartum and I'm still having trouble finding work because of my new grad status and lack of license. I have considered Applying for a license in another state just for the sake of having a license, but I don't want to shell out that kind of money since I don't have any income. So with all those things stacked against me, this residency is sort of a last resort for me to get my foot in the door. In the meantime, I am gathering my documents for active duty Army and Air Force. I will apply to both branches in case I'm not selected for the residency. Kinda sad it has come to this for me, but I'm pressing forward. I guess it could be worse.
  9. Good Day Everyone, I applied to an EMPA Residency offered by Georgia Regents University/ Medical College of Georgia. I wanted to know if any fellow PAs applied to this program as well. For those who are curious, this program is not listed on the APPAP.org website. I actually found this residency while searching for "unlisted" PA residencies. The school doesn't even have a web "link" for the EMPA residency. Information about the residency can be found at www.doceos.us/course-physician_assistant_program-i10869.htm. I was told by the residency coordinator that the info on this website is quite outdated, so I am still waiting to learn about the details of the residency.
  10. Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well this holiday season. I know it's been a while, and I wanted to update you all on my job search status. I have ceased my job search as of the end of October partially due to my inability to secure interviews and employment as well as an unexpected pregnancy. My EDC is 15 Feb 2013 and with my growing belly, I concluded that it wasn't worth pursuing employment if potential employees could exercise potential bias towards the endless possibilities of the uncertainties that come with being pregnant, giving birth, and being a brand new mom. My husband is also on the chopping block for reassignment in August and we are hoping that he will be receiving orders or at least confirmation by mid-January. So far, his branch manager and SGM are asking him to consider Germany or Fort Gordon, GA. Although, these options are supposedly available, there is still a possibility that he could be assigned to South Korea, Arizona, Upstate, NY, or God knows where.... Therefore, at 4 weeks postpartum, I am considering pursuing the following: 1. I plan to apply to EMPA residencies-especially the one offered at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA just in case my husband is assigned to Fort Gordon. 2. I will resume my job search and apply to open positions as they become available in the local area where my husband will be assigned - State, County, DoD, VA, and FBoP included. 3. I will be "squaring myself away" to ensure that I am eligible to join the Armed Forces as an Army or Air Force PA. This last will be my last resort if I fail to secure employment my the end of April 2014. I sincerely believe that my status as a brand new graduate, an inexperienced PA, and a mom-to-be have severely hurt my chances of getting a job in the PA career field. The only way I believe I can get a job considering my circumstances is "bucking up" and settling for the slave labor of residency, the low pay incentives for government jobs, and the daunting experience of re-entering the armed forces. Although, I am upset about my circumstances, I am excited about the possibilities that await me when I feel well enough to implement my plans this spring. I just wish it played out differently after I passed the PANCE. I'm pretty much over it for now and am now seeing this as a much needed break after going through 3 years of PA school with 2 kids and without my husband. In the meantime, I've been relaxing, reading, keeping up with CME's, watching trashy TV, and delighting in my husband and kids giving me extra special attention. I'm also still looking for volunteer and shadowing opportunities until the baby arrives. :-)
  11. Hey There!! No luck yet. I did interview for an OccMed position at a major chemical company here. They were very clear in their being open to new grads. My application is ready go sans the physician signatures. My recruiter who is also a PA-C is in the process of securing a SP in case I am hired. I was told a decision would be made by this Friday. @Can28: Thank you for your response and encouragement. I found it very reassuring. I was just on the phone with another recruiter who stated that she really likes the fact that the GCMB is good with keeping their applicants informed about the status of their licenses. Still trying to be patient in the meantime. Looking forward to my Halloween and door wreath projects....at least until Friday!!
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. I really like the idea of giving a prospective employer the answer they want to hear and then coordinating another meeting to discuss things in more detail. I thought I would have been invited to come in and go over those things before the contract was drawn up. I guess I haven't been in the game long enough to know better. I am a new grad and I have no desire to be shafted with my first job. I was offered the job on Friday and only given Saturday and Sunday to think about it. All I had to do was say "YES" on Friday evening!! I had to give them a decision on Monday morning. In my honest opinion, I wasn't even given the opportunity to be more informed. I purchased a book in regards to accepting job offers and the book emphasizes on NOT ACCEPTING AN OFFER until all these questions were answered. The fact of the matter is the questions were not answered. I did not want to say, "I'll take it" and then the contract is deemed sketchy. Yes, I really wanted that position, however, did I want to take that job not knowing that I couldn't take leave until after being there for a year. If the contract was drawn up, and I was only given 24hrs to sign it, how can I coordinate with a lawyer on short notice for review and guidance? What if the contract stated that I would be expected to see 40 patients a day? Being a new grad, I think that would have been disastrous. I wanted to know these things beforehand. I really want to work, but I'm not so desperate that I'll allow myself to be taken advantage of. Not too eager for the "sex" either. I sincerely wanted a little bit of gentle "foreplay", but I honestly thought I was entitled to know all these things prior to saying "yes". They had no problem "showing their hands" during the interview. The physician jumped right into all the money I would make and the pay is a great reason to come to work. I do feel that he also had a responsibility to talk about all those other things as well. However, I should have brought it up at that time. @ aprillh: The book I bought didn't mention that a prospective employer might get agitated at too many questions thrown at them. I guess we both assumed the information should have been easily divulged. When a prospective employer is reluctant to give information, I get nervous-for a good reason IMHO. @ paprospect24: I definitely will keep this thread posted as time goes on. After reading all the replies I have some errors in my ways, but I also concluded that I did what was best for me as a newly minted PA. I will readjust for next time. I will try bringing these questions up gingerly in my next interview. Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate all the well wishes and advice. This mentorship, guidance, and encouragement means alot to me.
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