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  1. Do either of you know anything about the student apartments that are available on campus? I was thinking about trying that angle if any were available during the times that we're scheduled to be there. I also looked for any extended stay hotels in the area and found nothing. One of our PA's here said that a couple of her classmates stayed at the Travelodge. The owner's were said to offer reasonable rates. Not sure what I'll do. I want to be comfortable without spending a small fortune in rental fees:(
  2. That's exactly what I did. It so happened that it has just arrived. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Keep me posted.
  3. I'M IN...I'M IN!!!!:D I stopped by the post office this morning and the letter had just arrived. What a welcomed relief and an awesome Christmas gift! Looking forward to hearing from each of you today!:D
  4. Got an email reply from Rhonda McDaniel...letters were mailed Friday!!! Good Luck! I'm planning to stop at the post office this morning. Will post as soon as I have confirmation! Good Luck!
  5. I can't remember how my interviewers said that we would be notified. Does anyone know? I'm really anxious...My butterflies feel like Pterodactyls!!!:)
  6. As we quickly approach mid-December, I wanted to take a minute to wish you all luck with the selection process! Good Luck! Hoping to see you all in May!;)
  7. New preceptor finally interviewed today! Anxiously awaiting mid-December:)
  8. So, how did it go?

  9. Anyone enrolled in the University of North Dakota Program?
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