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  1. wow thats amazing your resume is impressive, PA school here you come ;-0 good luck and keep us posted Rich...god bless you for your hard service and dedication to our nations military
  2. come here i attend Penn College of Technology and in most cases these naysayers up here are bitter students whose experience wasn't good based either on their own shortcomings or mistakes, you have exceptional experience wow i congratulate you im currently working at the hospital and also getting my hours in the ER...i believe there are usually 50-60 applicants every year for like 40 seats, they look at your math/science gpas and health exposure the most...and they want at least 300 hours so you've already exceeded in that aspect...also during your final year of the program if you want you can
  3. great response i attend here now and this is the gist of the program in a nutshell, thanks for the great insight.....
  4. just stopping by to say hello and that i pray your everything is going well for you in PA school....be encouraged ;-0

  5. i agree with marilynpac i read somewhere that in the future they are going to require higher level degrees and more schooling from nurses and physician assistants to work certain positions, there are associate degree and bachelor degree programs like you had mentioned, im currently getting classes out the way for the bachelors physician assistant program at penn college of technology but eventually ill pursue my masters and etc just for a security blanket, not mention when i browse thru alot of jobs for pa's on job networks and etc a lot og them want a pa with their master's degree and/or expe
  6. thanks prospective for the wisdom about my decision upon entrance into pa school. it fulflls all medical school requirements. the only class that isnt covered in this pa school that i'd need for medical school is physics 1&2

  7. thnx for stoppin by my page....

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