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  1. I worked 2 1/2 years part time during undergrad as a unit secretary and nursing assistant. My last year I worked part time as a lab assistant because it was more relevant for my major. After graduation, I worked full time as a Medical Technologist. I can't remember how many hours it added up to at the time I submitted my app. As far as Midwestern's requirements; however, I have far more experience than a lot of my peers. I think MWU might actually have one of the lower HCE requirements. Hope this helps, and feel free to message me with other questions.

  2. Hi there,


    I am interested in applying to Glendale, in fact one of my top choices. If you dont mind me asking .. what were your medical experience stats... I just want to know what is good enough to get me in there. I have a great GPA.. now working on the experience. let me know.. THANKS :) and congrats on class of 2011!!

  3. Dang. I knew I should have checked out the new pic last night. It could have been my first correct answer since starting school. Talked about this a little during heart embryo. Pretty interesting stuff...
  4. Hey, I'll be in Utah until Saturday or I'd totally be willing come help. What apartment you movin into?

  5. Hey man, we have arrived in Arizona and are partially moved in to San Lagos. We have a trailer with the remainder of our stuff showing up sometime soon. I was wondering if maybe you and any other guys from school would be interested in helping us move some things in. In keeping with poor college student tradition, you would be paid in beer and pizza. Let me know if you're up for it. My cell is 765-414-0435.

  6. It looks like we'll be there just a week after you! We try to look online everyday too (craigslist mostly), but we haven't made any progress. I agree that it's frustrating as only some places show pictures and mostly you can't tell much from the pictures they do show. So sorry there's not much more we've done as far as apt research. We're hoping to call a few places a week or two before we go out there to set up some appointments. In the meantime, I think we're just going to wait and stress about our unknown future living situation! :(


    Sorry to not be much of a help. At least you know there's someone else in the same situation. Good luck on your search and let me know what you find!

  7. My fiance` and I are also taking a trip out there in March (16-21) to look at apartments. Have you done much research online. I look at stuff pretty much everyday, but it's so frustrating trying to really envision how the places really are. Have you gotten any inside scoop that may be helpful for us? I hope your trip goes well.

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