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  1. hello all- i am negotiating a part-time derm position and the sp has placed the starting negotiations in my "court". i have 7 years of clinical experience. 2 of those in a surgical setting. i also have pre-PA experience in derm as well as a derm rotation. what do you think a fair package would be for part-time? (2 days per week). ***i most likely be increasing to 3-4 days per week at some point*** thanks!
  2. I plan on asking for an additional 10K per year to cover the insurance expenses. I don't know if it's just Texas, but I haven't come across many jobs that cover the whole family's med/dental/vision. Most of my fellow PA friends don't have this benefit, but thanks to this forum I now know to expect that. And by cover you do mean pay 100% of premiums, correct?
  3. i would appreciate any and all input asap as i am in the middle of negotiation today...thanks!
  4. i am negotiating for ortho spine position in TX. i have 4 years of experience. 1 year of neurosurgery (including spine) and 3 years neurology (neuromuscular subspecialty). Here is what they have offered: salary: 115K bonus: i am waiting to hear back from the surgeon re: production bonus. i'm not sure what to expect. is production bonus pretty standard for ortho spine? bennies: i asked for complete health coverage for me and family, but they say they can only cover me for legal reasons?? i've never heard of this before. should i push this or ask for 10K for per year to cover my costs? the lowest deductible plan they offer is $500 and premiums for me and family would be around $1000 a month! 15 days vacation, 3 sick days, 5 days CME ( i asked for 10 sick days- they initially only offered 10 days PTO, but agreed to my request for 15 days vacation) should i ask for more sick days? 2500 CME plus all licensing, professional fees, and panre short/long term disability: they offer this, but it would be out of my pocket life insurance: 50,000 max malpractice: 100% covered 401k- they only offer non-matching programs right now how does this offer sound? any thing else I need to negotiate for? i currently have a job and they just lost a pa so are needing someone asap which gives me the advantage. the surgeon does only minimally invasive so most patients go home same day or next. he has a pa that has been with him 6 years so we would be sharing the duties. occasional rounding on a weekend. no ER call. hours approx 50-60/week. 3 OR days, but transitioning to 2 soon. rest is clinic. lots of potential opportunities in the future as practice expands, any input appreciated!
  5. This makes perfect sense and, I agree, I definitely fall under model #1. I am a "relief valve" and that is where my docs see my value. Thanks for the perspective. I don't know that I am happy being a "relief valve". To those who suggest that I form a niche for myself...I initiated a lumbar puncture "clinic" on Fridays and do the occasional skin biopsy for epidermal nerve fiber density testing. Our practice already has a thriving headache clinic, epilepsy specialist, sleep and MS center. My docs are the neuromuscular specialists in the group. There are other things that could be pursued to drive productivity and certainly this could be discussed, but just not sure how likely this is. Since my original post, I have been in discussion with an ortho spine group to take on a clinic only position with a starting salary of $115K. This sounds too good to be true, but I meet with the surgeon and other PAs tomorrow and will hopefully gain a better understanding of what they are looking for. I cannot imagine a non-surgical PA making that salary, but we'll see. Bottom line...despite the excellent quality of life I have now, I don't feel valuable when I'm sitting at work twiddling my thumbs waiting on my doc to see my new patient or reading journal articles all day. Granted that's not everyday, but it does seem to happen quite frequently. I want to be more than a glorified medical assistant whose value lies in refilling prescriptions, returning phone calls, reviewing labs, and signing disability paperwork. I want to be indispensable and I just don't know that I am in this position, nor that there is the potential to be.
  6. I currently work for 2 docs in a private, adult neurology group. Salary = 85K per year. Employed 3 years with no raise. The first year I had to ask for a review. One month later, we finally sat down at my insistence. Since they didn't give me a raise, they thought throwing me a $1000 bonus would suffice. I felt insulted. The following year I was given an additional 5 days of vacation in lieu of a raise. While thankful for the extra vacation, still insulted that no raise offered. They offer an RVU based bonus program, but due to low pt volume, I rarely qualify for even the lowest bonus tier. Volume is low as we are highly specialized and see very complicated patients. NP are 1 hour visits and f/u pts are 30 mins. My scheduler also does a poor job of filling my schedule. Here's the deal: I am certainly comfortable in this position. Decent pay, great hours, and great location ( i can walk to work). I respect my SPs as they are intelligent clinicians and loved by their patients. They are highly respected in their field. They are friendly, easy going, and a breeze to work with. I have learned a TON and have formed great relationships with my patients. BUT, at the end of the day I don't feel valued or appreciated. I don't feel like a vital part of the practice. I'm bitter because I haven't had a raise in 3 years. Not even so much as a Christmas bonus. Heck, they don't even give me a card or gift. I am currently on maternity leave (unpaid, of course) and really feel like now is the time for me to see what else is out there. I'm just curious what you would do...Am I being silly for feeling unappreciated? Would you move on? I feel like there is no opportunity for growth in this job.
  7. So, I have been asked to take a week of vacation from my current job in order to have a one week "working" interview with the dermatologist that is considering hiring me. The following was the response given to me when I asked about compensation for that week..."I will be testing your acumen for derm in the form of a working interview so you wont be working as an employee". I can understand her position as she has apparently been burned in the past by PAs who did not have a good grasp of derm. (One supposedly missed an obvious melanoma) So, she wants to make sure I have a good basic working knowledge of derm before investing in me. That said, I don't want to be taken advantage of either. I just don't know if I should argue for some sort of compensation or just suck it up and do the one week interview. I really want to work in Derm and as we all know it's extremely hard to find a derm job without significant experience. This will also be me interviewing the doc to make sure we mesh well, etc... What would you do?
  8. I am considering a PT derm job. I currently work full time and have malpractice coverage paid by employer. I know I will need separate coverage for the derm job, but don't know if I should expect my (derm) employer to pay for this since I would only be PT. What do you think?
  9. What should I expect in compensation for the one week "working interview"?
  10. Here is the offer for one week of work per month: 30% of collections no bennies The doc has asked me to come for a one-week "working interview". I feel like once I get up and running that production based bay will be worthwhile, but feel like I need some sort of cushion while I'm getting started. Should I ask for an hourly wage for the first several months?
  11. I need some advice. I have been approached with an opportunity to work in derm 1 week/month with the potential for it to turn into full time if i became busy enough. I have not received an official offer yet, but am wondering what I should expect for one week of work/month? I am currently employed FT in Neurology and thus will change my schedule to 3 weeks/month if I take the Derm job. My passion and dream has been to work in Derm, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity. I'm hoping this PT gig will get my foot in the door. Thoughts??
  12. You're absolutely right. I work 8:30 to 5 on average in neuro with no call or weekends. In neurosurg, the days started alot earlier and included trauma call.
  13. Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology
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