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  1. If the other person is not interested, I will be. let me know through private message.
  2. Can I also get a copy of the PackRat prep to dive222@msn.com . Also, what AAPA practice test book did you use?
  3. Fellow PAs/PA Students/Pre-PA students: As of this morning, there has been a very important bill introduced for the future of PAs here in Arkansas, HB1985. Attached is the PDF version of this bill for you to read in full, but in summary, the bill sets up a committee of three PA’s and two physicians to review PA licenses and rules. This is a positive step toward future changes in the state of Arkansas for PA’s and licensing. I want to urge you and encourage you to contact your state representative and ask them to support this bill. In order to get this bill passed, I believe that we wi
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