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  1. There are several threads on this - do some digging through the archives. Come up with a plan that works for you and your family.
  2. I've seen more people get into trouble with tramadol than many other meds.... although I work in neuro so I'm probably seeing a bigger percentage of folks with suboptimally controlled epilepsy than most
  3. Keep us posted on how this goes - I've seen positions advertised locally that look really flexible and enticing especially for us parents.
  4. I work in a neurology group and one of our physicians does sleep medicine. As mentioned above, I don't do any interpretation of sleep studies or diagnosis but I handle a lot of troubleshooting and see a lot of patients for follow up and I handle a ton of meds/refills. I don't mind it because my practice is such that see a lot of other types of patients as well - epilepsy, MS, neurodegenerative disease etc. I think seeing only sleep patients would actually be pretty boring. for what it's worth
  5. FOREVER - get going on your application early. It's ridiculous how slow they are
  6. If you want to stay home for several years why bother doing PA school now? You will be hard pressed to find a job part time or otherwise if you haven't been in the field for that length of time even if you keep your CME and license up to date. You would be better off working per diem or some kind of part time. I am a mom of 3 and I feel the pull to be home with my kids every single day but I also think I'm a better parent because I work. I am better able to set my priorities. I worked my a$$ off full time before asking my group to accommodate me going part time and they were gracious enough to accommodate me. I still work in an almost full time capacity but I only go in to the office 3 days per week. I cover my desktop (and much of the desktop work of my 2 SPs) from home on the other days - so I still mostly get to be Mom on those days. Parenting and work are much the same - not actually that hard for the most part, but 24/7. Best of luck with what you decide but don't sabotage your own career.
  7. You can be a co-PI, but not a principal PI.
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