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  1. Being a Certified Medical Coder for the past 13 years, I would have to say no it would not be worth getting "certified". But I will say that it would be very beneficial to take a few CEU courses as well as ask the "billing office" if there is any suggestions they may have. The number one reason I have found for either overbilling or underbilling was all directly related to improper documentation. I am currently in process of changing careers, hopefully will begin PA School this year (upcoming interviews), I have chose to not renew my license. I do plan on attending CEU classes just to that I can stay aware of changes that have been implemented. There are so many rules that it would be beneficial to review the coding guidlines for your specific specialty. Example: can not have certain tests done on same day as other test Medicare also has a list of codes that they only allow for certain diagnosis, so it would be beneficial to the practice if you were aware of these. Example. Order CT Head, but "rule out" diagnosis is not payable, signs and symptoms would need to be the diagnosing order.
  2. @alymurt. I too am in your situation. I was not sure about applying this year since it was so late, (late october, not verified until Nov.)but gave it a chance and have interview Jan 29. I was worried at first too about the rolling admissions but going to put that out of my mind and just go into it with a positive approach. I do know that many students have come from the alternate position as well. Good luck to you.. It also looks like they started interviews later this year and with the holidays there will be many weeks that none will be held. :)
  3. On the waitlist as well, my interview was oct as well. I sure wish we knew more how this works. Since interviews are going through Feb. I am guessing it will be March before waitlisted hear anything? So crossing my fingers, just not holding my breath :)
  4. Congrats guys. So excited for each of you. :) My interview is Thursday, hope I will soon be joining the group as well.
  5. Congrats on the interviews. To all the Tech students, thank you so much for keeping us updated and offering advice, it really means alot that yall would take time out to help.
  6. Thanks guys.. I am thinking Interview dates are just luck of the draw. Who knows there may be a hat on someones desk that they are pulling from. Good luck to everyone. I just thought I was nervous waiting on the invite. lol
  7. WooHoo.. Invite for Oct 27th.. I also want to thank everyone on the board.. Everyone gives so much support to each other..:)
  8. Congrats to everyone.. I too am holding out hope.. I may be wrong but it looks like everyone that got invite was early submitters.. Mine was end of July so hope that wasnt too late..
  9. Thanks Neo.. I am usually more optimistic and I was thinking they may be filling the out of state first because when I called them a few weeks ago I thought it was Oct when they were sending out.. And I agree when they start sending interviews the post in the past has lit up.. I guess the anxiety comes from the date change..I'm glad this forum is here so we all have support from everyone. Good luck to all of us. :)
  10. I'm with you Thompson, I'm just not sure what they are looking for... I wonder how many dates they have filled. Does rolling admissions mean that if someone got an interview that sent out later than you did, that we are passed up?
  11. Haven't heard from anyone lately so just thought I would make a post to make sure the link is working..lol Patiently, or should I say Impatiently waiting...
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