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  1. Also thanks for that EFTPS site. Did you find that doing your own deductions became stressful or did you turf it off to an accountant. Debating whether or not to get an accountant. I would like to avoid it.
  2. Thanks! Spread sheet comparison is a great idea!
  3. Hey Maverick! So I have just done what you are trying to do. I would suggest utilizing your friends - short term - which is what I did. Most employers aren't interested unless you have your state license, so it's important to have that prior to making any moves. Once you have your license you won't be able to keep them off of you. I would stay with friends for that time period of interviews (about 1 week) while hunting for a place at the same time. Once you have your job narrowed down you can jump on the place you want - at least temporalily until you settle and decide if you want to move ag
  4. GetmeOuttathismess thanks! That helps a lot. My internet searches made it seems as if there was more aside from the extra SS.
  5. Thanks for responding Ventana. I do have a full time that provides me with benefits and short term disability. I also have my own long term disability plan separately. But I see what you mean about losing workers compensation. I am not desperate for the extra money but of course it is nice to have. It seems as if it makes no sense at this rate given I will have a slightly higher amount of SS tax to pay. But I do have a question about a possible audit. Are you saying that as PA's we may not be seen a true independent contractors? If so this could be a problem...
  6. Ok, so I have read through most of the other forums on this topic and everyone seems to hate being a 1099-er. My question is ..is it really that bad if: 1. The job is per diem (so I don't need any benefits from them) 2. Malpractice is covered 3. 65/hr 4. Easy patient load with 10-15pp/day. I've seen quadruple this alone. I have been offered a job with these specs. Its close to home. Should I ask for more (I have 7 years experience) in anticipation of filing 1099 leaving me with nothing at 65/hr? I guess my fear is that taxes will kill me. I have made this amount before as a W2. Shou
  7. Does anyone have a general idea of the salary a PA would make after a residency such as EM?
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