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  1. My script pads have a box you can check that says may substitute for generic. And yet I still will get calls from pharmacists, especially when its busy in clinic.
  2. In California nurses seem to have all of the political support. As a former Paramedic and now PA I was trained in the medical model. PA's should be the ones in the pre hospital setting.
  3. Nurses have their hands in everything EMS in California. I'd be surprised if the nursing interests would allow it to even operate if otherwise.
  4. Yup, Fender Telecaster-greatest electric ever.
  5. Seems like EMS experience might be a good thing to have if a patient rapidly deteriorates and an ambulance isn't yet there. Just something to consider.
  6. Agreed, but does this sort of thing require a response if its systemic? I dont know much about the higher level politics of the issue, but that can't be a good thing.
  7. Long story short an estranged parent sold a bunch of stocks/etc that were under both our names from childhood that I had no knowledge of (same with my siblings). Now the IRS thinks its me that owes the money-I found this out the hard way when I applied for licensure, which is not allowed in CA if money is owed. I let my Paramedic license lapse while in PA school and its apparently the same deal per state regs. Its looking like it will need to go to court. I made very little money the last several years, I thought about paying it off with a loan but haven't been approved.
  8. Is there any requirement after completing school and obtaining licensure? Ive completed school and PANCE, but am delayed in obtaining my license due to a family legal issue (taxes). Besides meeting the CE requirements, is there anything else that would prevent me from getting my license?
  9. Interesting its going to be a continuing problem as boomers age. Im sure there are reasons why medical schools aren't meeting the demand, and barring changes (more PA's/NP's, online medical schools) I don't see it changing.
  10. Speaking to this as a PA and Paramedic in CA, Im not surprised. Nursing is much more politically oriented and has more political clout. I have no doubt some see PA's as encroaching on "their" territory, much the same as with Paramedics.
  11. To the experienced PA's that have already chimed in-what other specialties have you worked? What specialties have the reputation of the least and most hours worked? Specialty PA's are rare as hens teeth around here in California-I know they exist-I just never see or hear from them.
  12. Great post, im a brand spanking new PA and would like to read more about issues to new PA's, and how MD's operate. Can anyone recommend reading on this?
  13. It is nice, but PA's are still losing ground to NP's with less education and scope. Frankly thats my concern right now. Nurses have plenty of power here in California.
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