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  1. Sorry for the late response...it's my last week of didactic and with that comes loads of exams. I truly appreciate all the insight, words of encouragement, and helpful tidbits. I'm going up to Portland next week and will be able to meet with some folks. Hopefully one contact will help open doors to others. I talked to my clinical coordinator and asked him about trades--he said he'd look into it. I'll keep you all posted! Thanks again!
  2. I am finishing up the last 2 weeks of didactic (hooray!!) in Las Vegas and I'm hoping to set up my rotations in and around Portland beginning December. Unfortunately our school is not contracted with any providers, and I'm running into numerous road blocks trying to set them up myself. Many places are contracted out with OHSU and Pacific and say they can't take any other students. Does anyone have advice on who to contact, or who may be a willing preceptor? I'd like to join my husband who has already started a new career in Portland! Thanks for any insight!
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