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  1. Well, you're coming in at kind of a weird time. EmCare just merged with Sheridan Health. We aren't really sure what is going to change but things almost certainly will. With EmCare, in my experience pay is very competitive but benefits are a little lacking. No 401k match or anything like that. We also don't have paid vacation. Hourly rate is high enough that none of that really bothers me. Sheridan really seems to like RVU based models, and there has been talk we may move that direction. Who knows... I'm in the Atlanta area, btw. What city are you near?
  2. Hard to believe it has been almost a year since graduating the program. I still get a lot of messages regarding Albany Med and PA residencies in general. It makes me very happy to see the level of interest out there and to see all the awesome new programs popping up across the country. Just wanted to re-extend the invitation that, if anyone has any questions about residency programs, feel free to PM me.
  3. Yeah, that no-compete clause is pretty brutal. I wonder why they feel the need to be so restrictive? Are they able to give you any idea of what kind of "bonus" you could expect? 75k is low, but maybe the bonus will make up for that. If you make 90k after the bonus and work 45 hours per week, that comes out to $38 per hour. Just based on the numbers, it doesn't seem like a great package to me. Are they willing to negotiate?
  4. My wife and I wanted to be near family and I didn't want a long commute. Basically, the pay and location are so perfect that I was willing to compromise a little bit on scope of practice. Scope is probably the most fluid of the 3 variables (pay, location, and scope). There are plans for PAs to become more involved in critical care, and the medical director hired me specifically for that purpose given my training. I certainly don't feel under-utilized, but there is some room for growth.
  5. Hello all, It has been a long time since I have posted anything, but I just wanted to do one last update. A bit of an epilogue... My fellow PA fellows and I all finished our program about 3 months ago. I found that, having done a fellowship, the whole job-search was pretty easy. A lot of recruiters and medical directors hadn't heard of these types of programs, so I did have to do a fair amount of educating. Those that were aware of what a fellowship has to offer were instantly more interested in making an offer. Ultimately, I ended up moving back to my hometown in metro Atlanta and taking
  6. It sounds to me like a case of some mild OCD. I don't think you were dealing with a rational person. I've had similar conversations with more reasonable patients and it has gone well.
  7. Well it has been a while since any of us have posted, so I thought I'd give everyone an update.... We're closing in on the last couple months of the program. Matt and Eric actually finish up next week. Jenelle and I have until the end of September. Since the last update, we've all had the chance to spend a month in the Surgical ICU. I think I speak for all of us when I say that was a pretty great experience. Definitely a change of pace from the ED. Days start around 6am but usually end around 5 or 6pm, so that's kinda nice. For the most part it was 5 days a week. Very manageable. The morni
  8. Glad to see another residency blog! The more the merrier. It sounds like a great program. Being 18 months long, you guys really must get a lot of great off-service rotations. Looking forward to hearing more!
  9. Unfortunately, I think that salary is pretty much about the standard for NYC from what I have heard. If you absolutely must work in NYC, you probably won't do a whole lot better. But might I suggest looking upstate just a bit? There are some great hospitals north of the city that probably pay far better than the ones in NYC. TeamHealth staffs quite a few EDs in the area.
  10. You made a great decision, and I think his response to you wanting to learn LPs and central lines is very telling. He wants to use PAs in the narrowest possible sense. You would not have gotten the kind of experience you wanted out of that job.
  11. North Carolina is a pretty nice place. Especially PA friendly, close to the beach, close to the mountains, mild climate, and some pretty cool cities (Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill). I'd give it a look!
  12. I agree with all of the people above. I think you know what the right call is here. It sucks to turn down an ER offer, but this really would not be the kind of training that would really benefit you in the long term anyway. It's just an excuse to pay you less than a nurse while deciding if they want to hire you full time or not.
  13. I'm not a graduate of their program, but I did apply and started the interview process. When I got into Albany, I withdrew my application. I did have the chance to meet and hang out with the director of the Arrowhead program during the EM Academy in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. He was super personable and very passionate about post graduate training. From everything I've heard from my own program director and what he was saying, it sounds like a really strong program. He is all about supporting his residents and getting them the best possible education. His graduates seem to land some pretty swe
  14. I think most agnostics and atheists would argue that you are working from a false premise here by implying that ethics flow directly from religion. Sure, they influence one another, but they can exist totally separately as well. What ethics are you referring to in this thread that are specifically western anyway? The belief in the sanctity of human life and the idea of "do no harm" are not unique. You don't have to accept Judeo-Christian religion to hold those beliefs.
  15. I think that the biggest thing programs look for is an interest level in that particular specialty and being humble yet eager to learn. Other than getting good grades and maybe doing an extra rotation in your field of interest, there is not a ton you need to worry about doing during school. Try to build good relationships with some of your favorite preceptors as you will need strong recommendation letters down the road. If you have a master's thesis or a capstone project, I would recommend doing it in something pertinent to your specialty, too. You sound extremely motivated and have a clear go
  16. akdEM

    VA Careers

    GetMeOut, what specialty are you in?
  17. Others may know better than I, but there aren't a lot of these jobs out there. In an ED that sees more than 10 pts per day, working 36 hours straight seems unsafe...
  18. It sounds like your sleep specialist should be the one to write you the prescription. Did they not offer?
  19. That's a pretty vague question. I think you might need to be a little more specific. Having gone to school in the South, I can tell you that the practice laws in New York are generally pretty excellent.
  20. I agree with all of the above. It's tough gathering info on programs. My strategy was to narrow down a few places based on location, info on the website, application timing with my graduation date and then dig deeper into those 3-5 programs. I emailed program directors, spoke to a few on the phone, and eventually ended up applying to a couple of the programs. I would also recommend asking if you can speak to some current or former fellows/residents. That's the best way to learn about a program in my opinion. As far as the APPAP and the whole accreditation thing... accreditation for PA fell
  21. The beauty of EM is that you can make it what you want it to be. Want to earn about 90k and work 3 days a week? You can do that. Want to earn 130k+ and work 5 days a week? You can do that too. Most of the places I've talked to require around 130 hours per month to be considered full time. Some do require more, but you can always avoid those ones. Sure, you work really hard while you're there. 10 hours goes by in the blink of an eye. I rarely get to sit down and eat in peace. But it's totally worth it for the reasons Emed mentioned above. The scheduling flexibility is unmatched by any other
  22. akdEM

    Knoxville PAs

    Any Knoxville PAs out there? Specifically emergency medicine? I'm trying to get a feel for the EM landscape there. Are TeamHealth and EMCare running most of the EDs in the area? Overall, how is it being a PA in Tennessee? I know it doesn't have the most progressive PA legislation in the world, but is it a decent place to work?
  23. It seems like EMcare and TeamHealth really dominate the entire state of Tennessee. Is that the case? I really want to find a job in either Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga, but the idea of working for one of the nationwide groups worries me a little. It seems like they often tend to minimize the role of the PA or relegate us to fast track and triage... Also, how would you say PAs are treated overall in Tennessee? I'm from Georgia originally and went to school in Kentucky. Kentucky was not particularly PA friendly, but it is improving. I get the sense that Tennessee may be a similar situati
  24. akdEM

    PAs @ NYP?

    I know nothing about the nature of the work there, but I know a fellowship grad who was offered somewhere in the neighborhood of 80k to work in their ED. They didn't take the job.
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