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  1. @Kem2127- Hey Kem2127, Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on the forum for awhile. The name of the med. term textbook is Medical Terminology: A Programmed Learning Approach to the Language of Health Care/Edition 2 by Marjorie Canfield Willis and the ISBN is 0781792835. In regards to your earlier question about receiving any information, are you a York College student, or transfer student? If your a transfer student, you should check with the admissions department to make sure you were accepted by York College. You may have better luck reaching the PA department if you call the office. I'm still waiting to hear from the PA program about the orientation, but I have received a package from York College Admissions with health forms & steps on how to register at York. Best of luck to you and please keep me, or the group updated. @PA-pizzolla-I plan to leave my job at the end of the summer, or when the PA Program starts. I know the program is considered to be full-time and requires alot of time for class & studying. Hopefully, we will hear back from the program soon. And yikes...my summer class starts next week, the summer is almost over. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. @Kem2127- I thought about taking the CLEP, but wasn't sure how to prepare for the exam considering I did not take Bio 1. I'm not even sure how I was able to register for the course either, but the semester I registered for bio 1 the class was closed, so I registered for bio 2 instead. I guess there was a glitch in the system. So, now I'm trying to register for it during summer session I. Have you purchased the suggested Medical Terminology text yet? I still have my old med. term. text from when I took it and I'm wondering do I really have to buy another text...
  3. @ Kem2127- I took bio 2 already, but never finished taking bio 1. I thought about taking the CLEP exam, but decided to take bio 1 instead. Congrats on getting an A on the exam!!! What material did you use to prepare for the exam? @ PA-pizolla- Congrats on your acceptance!!! I just plan on taking bio 1 over the summer. At which college do you plan on taking the health professions course?
  4. @PA-pizzolla- I graduated from Stony Brook in 2008, Congratulations to you as you will be graduating soon!! And best of luck to you on the road to becoming a PA. @Kem2127- Congratulations on your acceptance!!! I received conditional acceptance as well. But I plan to take Bio 1 this summer. I was so nervous during the waiting period after the interview, but finally got some good news on Saturday. Best of Luck to you on taking the CLEP exam!!
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