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  1. Currently using EPIC for outpatient. I have a few basic macros, but have wanted to develop more, but have not found the time to do so. I have a very basic template for initials and one for followups. I would really appreciate the help with generating some additional macros. Thank you so much for the offer! This one I can honestly say I am not guilty of, though there have been times I admit that my dragon was slightly inappropriate.
  2. I am looking for help merging quality psychiatric documentation with no time allotted for documentation. Essentially, I am falling so far behind because the bean counters want us to bill on time, and use the maximum amount of time allotted scheduled back to back, collaborate with other providers on the run, and leadership frowns upon our documentation resembling a hospitalist note but prefers it to look academically sound. (I could go on...) I would appreciate any advice.
  3. The down side is that weekends can be brutal on psych consults in a hospital. The better you get with consults the more consults you get. The upside is you can work in telemedicine or other form of primary care to keep up that side. Its a great paycheck for a new grad even in psychiatry.
  4. Check out the mom and pop shoe store near you that has been in business forever, carries a good variety and knows how to size... Tell them what you do and what you are looking for. I personally would not recommend an athletic shoe because you may not be able to wear them on every rotation. A nice leather shoe that can be worn with slacks or scrubs is best. Do not be afraid to spend money. If you get a great pair that lasts and your feet/legs/back are not tired at the end of the day it is worth every penny.
  5. i loved naot and wear jobst hose to prevent tired legs
  6. Hi,


    Were you able to get your on campus housing? How'd it look if you did. I'm trying to get one also with a roommate preferably.





  7. I know people say to come early but I would plan to arrive at campus at least an hour early. For one of my interviews, I planned to arrive 45 minutes early. Due to bad fog, I ended up arriving about 10 minutes before the day began. It is better to be on campus early and take a few minutes walking around then to be late. Weather, traffic, accidents and detours are all factors that you have no control over. Planning to be extremely early gives you a chance to regroup before your interview day begins should something go wrong.
  8. Applicant stats--not yet accepted Undergrad Ed School: Aquinas College, general studies Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.82 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.85 Post Bachelor GPA: Age at application time : 30 1st GRE: Not taken Direct Patient Care : (type & hour) Volunteer, Emergency room 325 hours Some shadowing (about 20 hrs at time of application) Extracurricular/Research Activities: some health care related committee work Schools Applied: Chatham University, Saint Francis University (PA), University of New England, University of Toledo Application Submitted Date: submitted one application back in June, added the other schools Sunday Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) soon, I hope Interview Invites: Denied: will update Withdrew Application: will update Waitlisted: will update Accepted: will update Attempts: first
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