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    NYS laws

    I could be totally wrong here, but I don't think NY ever requires an official notification...you just have to have some doctor who would claim you. In all my time there I don't think anyone had to submit anything. I could be wrong though.
  2. I'm talking everyone...New grad through senior citizen PA. Agreed, it's silly. Sometimes I think it's about double billing...
  3. Speaking of the AAPA ... what is the popular opinion on the AAPA and what it does for us? For my part, all I would ever need them for, besides PR and advocacy (which I sense from this thread isn't really happening), would be to try to lower the DEA costs for PAs, and for the salary report (which is, in my opinion, far too expensive at $200 a pop, and from what I hear, not super-accurate). Has anyone here had direct experience/contact with the AAPA and can vouch that they are at least semi-useful to us at the moment, and if so, how? (i.e, convince me to join!)
  4. Yup...regret my current job. Gut said don't take it. Took it anyway. I was right. Hate it.
  5. Do you work every other weekend, and if so, one day? Two days? Every third weekend? Just seeing what is typical...
  6. If we changed to MP, the AAPA would have to become the AAMP...and change ALL their stationery, cards, website, etc....haha of course they would oppose that!! As an aside, what is the popular opinion on the AAPA and what it does for us? For my part, all I would ever need them for, besides PR and advocacy (which I sense isn't really happening), would be to try to lower the DEA costs for PAs, and for the salary report (which is, in my opinion, far too expensive at $200 a pop, and from what I hear, not super-accurate). Has anyone here had direct experience/contact with the AAPA and can vouch that they are at least semi-useful to us? (i.e, convince me to join!)
  7. I'd guess there's some microbiological reason why one is different than another...that being said I have always been curious if there's any particular difference between Cipro and Levo when it comes to UTIs (although Levo is more typically for pyelonephritis)...
  8. I know, but when it comes down to it, you aren't going to d-dimer every young female on OCPs with a little tachycardia....maybe it's your regular weekly pt having her usual weekly anxiety attack. My point is that OCPs are so widespread that PERC is immediately useless in almost every female 12-52...and you certainly aren't going to d-dimer every single one of those patients, especially with a much more likely alternative diagnosis (which is a criteria in Wells, but surprisingly not in PERC).
  9. My major problem with PERC is the OCP thing. 99% of the young female population in on them, so...does every young female with OCPs and minimal c/p have a PE? Obviously not, but then the PERC score goes out the window. Seems like a fundamental shortcoming of PERC.
  10. Did the contract mention a distance? Usually it will say 5 to 10 mile radius or some such....
  11. I would, except my state chapter charges far more than I am comfortable paying...thrown in the AAPA (which I refuse to pay for, considering they don't seem to offer a whole lot besides inaccurate salary reports) and NCCPA dues, and were talking about far more than we should be paying....I don't know, maybe I'm cheap...but I guess I'd pay up if it really meant results, eh
  12. Haha, you're lucky, I was never offered Donuts on an interview!
  13. sorry if there are spelling and grammar mistakes in this, but I'm writing this on my phone while doing other activities, but anyways. you should definitely have a rehearsed script in your head for the common questions, like tell us about yourself, what are your three strongest qualities, you can find those common ones online with plenty of good sample answers.I have been asked clinical scenarios on interviews, especially early on, so at the very least be ready withsomething like your most difficult patient, a patient where you felt you personally made a difference, stuff like that. They might try to surprise you with situational questions like that, worst comes to worst make up an interesting story on the spot, I have done that and mixed elements of actual patients into a composite takes patient, because my on-the-spot recall is not great for those sort of things.they might ask you tell us about a time you had a moral or ethical dilemma and what did you do.part of interviewing is learning the art of BS in well, for a question like that, if you haven't had much experience, just say "I actually haven't faced too many moral dilemmas, but here's a general outline of how I would respond to common situations..." in other words if your mind completely draws a blank on a question, at very least, respond with something topical, so that they can see that you could think on your feet somewhat. if they are particularly formulaic or inexperienced, they might pull the one about tell us your three greatest weaknesses. Or they might give you the one about what would you improve most about yourself. I hate that question and I think it's a poor question on the part of an interviewer anyway, the way I usually answer is that "during my time in training and my work experience, I have always been conscientious to improve myself, I cannot think of any particular weakness I have which would greatly affect my professionalism for work skills, but if any come up I am always certain to address them and continually improve myself" . that way you don't incriminate yourself, and at the same time you show them that you are honest and have an eye towards self-improvement.most importantly though you will be nervous, but try to take a deep breath and relax, and realize the person across from you is also a human, and try to interact a little bit, don't be afraid to ask then the question about something they mentioned even if it's something about themselves, at one particular interview where I had three people grilling me for a hospital job, they mentioned something about their pets dog, and so I took them up on it and asked oh really, what breed are they, my girlfriend has such and such dogs... It makes you relatable and takes the tension off of you as well. obviously don't be cocky but don't be self-deprecating either, you want to try to come off as confident and honest, even if it means being confidence with ability to learn and adapt in the face ofyour lack of experience. meaning, if you're not too experienced and this comes up in the conversation, make clear that you love learning, enjoyed your clinical rotations, and consider yourself to be very adaptable, humble, and open do constructive criticism. in terms of taking the job, obviously you don't want to seem desperate, but you don't want to lose it either. If you're interested, just ask them what time frame they need an answer in, and if you want call them the next day and say I'll take it. They should be pressuring you on the spot anyway, that's not very professional, unless there is a long line of people waiting for the job outside, in which case I guess all bets are off. But if you are interested make clear to them by saying " thank you, I'm actually very interested in this opportunity, and I will let you know very soon" or something like that. anyhow, those are my two cents. Interviews are like dating, they're anxious at first but with experience you get better at them. make sure you have copies of your resume, make sure you have a paper and pen, make sure you ask questions about the Hospital. Make sure you know the name of your interviewer so you come in confident. Make sure you're a suit or blouse or whatever is clean, and just take a deep breath and remember you got this.
  14. honestly, I would call that misleading... At very least they should say something like "obstetrics-gynecology physician assistant" or even just "obstetrics gynecology PA"...
  15. Honestly, it's not the money...it's the lifestyle. When I go home, work is over. I don't want to worry where my phone is, if it's on, if I have to call to find call coverage because I'm going to a movie and turning my phone off, etc. I don't want to be woken at 3am on a workday, and it's not what I signed up for. UPDATE: So I spoke with admin. They confirmed all their UC providers cover call (and apparently none complained), and that it was an unfortunate "miscommunication" but that the ball is in my court. They advised me to "try it and see if it's that bad" and that they don't expect many afterhours call. Essentially, they made me feel like I was petty and overreacting for their little "oversight" and are telling me to cool down and just try it first, because everyone does it (except every other UC that I know of).
  16. Medevac helicopter pilot. All I'd need is, well, a commercial helicopter license. Time to start saving up...
  17. Besides for the projected daily patient load, actually sounds like you are doing great....good self confidence, and nothing wrong with even 20-25% of help from other PAs at this point while you learn the "art" of medicine. Sounds like you are doing excellent. Working solo is definitely scary at first, but also is great ultimately as it forces you to start making decisions and judgements for yourself, for better or for worse, and living with those decisions. It's the natural next necessary step to build yourself as a competent practitioner. However, the 80-100 patients per day solo? Freak-no. Hell no. I wouldn't do it for any amount of money. I've been doing UC for a while, and even with a very very competent MA staff and easy charting software (meaning NOT eclinicalworks), more than 40-ish in 8 hours or 55-ish in 12 hours gets pretty heavy....throw in a few procedures and you are on the way to screwed. 80-100 is OUTRAGEOUS and a recipe for disaster, burnout, mistakes and lawsuits.
  18. Bosun, Hulk and sas, Vent, rev, thinker, lkth... Thanks for the replies. Yeah, gonna see if we can work it out...I wouldn't take more compensation, rather have the lifestyle preservation. Frustrating, but gonna have to stand my ground...
  19. New York is super friendly in terms of the number of opportunities and what Pas are able to do, but because of that New York is super unfriendly in terms of salary. My first job as a PA in New York was $35 an hour and that was not very long ago.
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