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  1. That's a bit limiting. don't you think? Not every "X" has militant views about "Y".
  2. I got one of the books from B&K and read it back to front. You learn a lot of test taking tricks especially for the math sections. Study vocab - it is the single most effective thing you can do to raise your verbal score. Take every practice exam you can. Plenty of them out there.
  3. update:GRE: 730Q 720V 5.0 writing If not for my GPA, I'd be a shoe-in (3.0 includes a 3.89 non-science master's degree GPA)
  4. When hospitals start hiring goon squads and chaining the PA's out of the facilities, it will be time to start thinking about a union.
  5. GPA 3.0 GRE - not taken yet patient experience: >500 hours with busy volunteer ambulance corps ~700 calls related experience: 1 year part time medical technologist 1.5 years tech in a CV surgical research lab 15 years in pharmaceutical clinical research The funny thing is that my most relevant experience may be my first job out of school. Even though humans were not involved, I got to scrub in on CPB procedures as scrub nurse and first assist. I was also often the perfusionist. On slow days, I got to go to the OR and watch one of the true medical deities (if there is such a thing) in the OR (man did he intimidate me :D)
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