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  1. I have a similar GPA as you. What schools did you get accepted to?

  2. There are some very legitimate Surgical Assistant programs in the US which require just about the same prerequisites as a PA program and which are two years and do just as much of clinical training as a PA program but in a completely surgical-based curriculum. The program is at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA. Here is a link: http://www.evms.edu/health-care/public-health/surgical-assistant.html
  3. Wow, your 25 and have taught cadaver based anatomy for 4 years? Where was this?
  4. Just got a job as a TA for an A&P and Sectional Anatomy teacher, along with tutoring responsibilites. Hope that helps too!!
  5. GPA: 2.7 (but after this and the next two semesters round a 3.0) Science GPA: 3.3 GRE: Princeton prep-course starts in two weeks then taking it a week after it ends in August Experience: 2.5 Years as a CNA/Psych Tech at a Hospital Over 100 hours shadowing/assisting a MD Psychiatrist Starting shadowing with 2 different PA's in the next two weeks Volunteering as room-room patient companion/music therapy 100+hours Camp Counselor at special needs camp in August B.A. Psychology from UCF in Summer 07 Applying: NOVA, Southern (Knoxville and Savannah), USouthernAlabama, others...
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