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  1. Yeah, I definitely knew I was reaching and didn't expect to get what I was asking but figured I'd at least try and have them talk me down. Like I said, I had nothing to lose. Now that you spell it out, I guess it does come across as 10 weeks PTO/2 weeks CME for a 20 hr/wk employee. I was thinking 5 weeks PTO (including sick time)/1 week CME as if each week was 40 hours. I see how I calculated that wrong. Oh well, water under the bridge at this point. Live and learn. I agree it was a bit strange to have a blank slate with nothing to gauge where they were willing to start, hence the reason I posted here. I definitely got the impression that they were just feeling out the market and weren't necessarily going to move forward with an actual offer. I hope I at least made them realize that PAs aren't as cheap as some people think!
  2. Just wanted to give a quick update. I requested $75/hr + 10% collections quarterly bonus, 200 hrs PTO yearly, $2500 CME + 40 hrs CME, 401k, and licenses paid for. After a few days I received an email saying they decided to look for a physician to fill their needs instead. No attempt to negotiate at all. Don't know if it was because of the high salary request or another reason, but I did find it kind of strange they didn't even attempt to bring me down. I, of course, offered to discuss it further if they changed their minds or if they wanted to discuss the benefits of hiring a PA vs another physician. I figured I might as well shoot high as I had nothing to lose (I'm a stay-at-home mom currently and we don't need me to go back for financial reasons, just sanity reasons). Ultimately, they will pay more for a physician so it's their loss but I'm still a little surprised with the quick no with them being so eager to see what I wanted. Something tells me they heard somewhere that they could get a PA for real cheap to make them lots of money. Exactly why we have to all collectively raise the standards. Thanks for the input everyone!
  3. Wow. Ok. I actually was initially going to ask much higher than $55/hr but I looked at the AAPA salary report and got really discouraged. It was looking like even $55/hr was a stretch, which I know it isn't, especially for a specialty ortho position. Do I also ask for all the other fluff above or just keep it simple with the basic pay, CME, licenses, pto?
  4. I recently interviewed with and was offered a part-time position with a private practice foot & ankle surgery group in Virginia. The job would be clinic only and no call. The exact schedule is to be determined at this point but I suspect somewhere close to 20 hours a week based on my availability likely to include some Saturdays. I have about 5 years of experience in general orthopedics, urgent care/occ health, and med/surg. This practice has not ever had a PA before but is very open to the idea and big on work/life balance. They essentially told me to take some time to write up my ideal hourly rate and benefits package and what I would want for a schedule. I haven't had much experience with part time compensation and benefits as I have only ever worked full time. What should I ask for? Do I need to adjust the benefits based on part time work? I want to make sure I set the bar high for any future PAs they work with but be reasonable at the same time. Here's what I'm thinking based on the 2015 AAPA regional and national salary reports (staying in the 50th-75th percentiles) and previous experience: $55/hr $2500 CME stipend, 40 hours CME PTO per calendar year Malpractice covered: occurrence or claims made with tail PTO (including vacation and sick time) 160 hours per calendar year (equivalent to 4 weeks) Maternity leave paid 12 weeks (though not sure how to calculate this for part time work. Based on 20 hour week? 40 hour week?) Bereavement paid 3 days NCCPA fees, State licensing , and DEA registration AAPA membership + 1 specialty membership Flexible spending account for healthcare (up to $2550) and daycare (up to $5k) Employer paid long term disability: 60% of income Employer paid life insurance: $50,000 Retirement: 3% of salary contributed to retirement by the employer regardless of employee contribution Crossfit gym membership (one of the partner docs owns a gym near me) (Don't need health insurance, got it through husband) Or should I just ask for a higher hourly rate with malpractice and tail and forgo the rest of the benefits? Did I miss anything important I should ask for? Thanks!
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