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  1. When my coworkers were applying 2 years ago it was very competitive. No one below a HPSA score of 16 was funded. Obviously that number can change with the applicant pool each year. It is an amazing program if you can get into it!
  2. I live in one of those areas you describe in MN. The pay is pretty darn good. A recent candidate declined our offer to be closer to family but described our salary and benefits as "unrivaled". I am leaving to move closer to family and I will be taking a painful pay cut.
  3. I''m a little late to this topic. I'm working in north central MN in family practice and that offer sounds great for a new grad (more than my FP salary in year 3 of work!). All of our days off are lumped together (vacation, cme, sick, etc), which I prefer as I am not sick that often. Do your days roll over if unused? Or is it "use it or lose it"? I echo the other comments about making sure you have a supportive work environment to learn. What would be the number of patients you are expected to see per day, do they have a minimum? Are you familiar with their EMR or documentation process - that can slow you down or force you to work late if the system is not easy to work with. Out of curiosity - what is the RVU number you need to get to get the bonus? We dabbled with RVU stuff, but it didn't work out well for us. for loan repayment, there is the state program and the National NHSC loan repayment ( should have a HPSA greater than or equal to 15/16 to have a chance). As long as it is a supportive place of work, it sounds like a great offer for a new grad!
  4. I would think about the amount that you are taking out now, and be proactive. I took the max I could because I figured I would want a little extra " just in case". Sounds like you are a person that is fiscally minded so just watch your budget and take out what you will need. Especially if you will have to take out grad plus loans. My grad plus loans interest rates were at 8.5%, not sure what they are today. I joined National Health Service Corps to help deal with my 150k in student loan debt and plan to be debt free after 5 years of NHSC and putting extra money toward the loans. If I could get in a time machine, #1 - I would have chosen a cheaper school, #2 - I would have taken out less in loans - i could have probably done 10K+ less, which I wouldn't be paying interest on now .
  5. Our clinic uses the MGMA data, and our manager must purchase it. They show us a printout of the family practice with urgent care salary ranges/RVU ranges. It seems fairly accurate based on the numbers they show for us . I don't have access to it though.
  6. I am doing the NADME one. It is very good and through and is likely preparing me to pass the certifying exam. But, oh my, it is quite boring. They have multiple modules and questions/scenarios after the modules to reiterate the knowledge and force me to remember the salient points. Also qualifies for up to 18 Cat 1 CMEs. A couple coworkers went to a Mayo course (they have them at a few locations all over US) and they were there for 8 hours and found it to be worthwhile. I wish I had done that so it would have been one day and done, but this NADME course is very thorough.
  7. http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/loanrepayment/index.html Lots of info on the national loan repayment on this site. Job site is also great, but getting a job that qualifies doesn't mean you WILL get awarded for loan repayment. Recommend site HPSA score of 16 or greater based on recent application cycle to be most competitive for loan repayment. Highly recommend searching forum for more info, there are lots of threads on NHSC. There are also state loan repayment programs, indian health service, etc.
  8. From what I heard from this years applicants that they ran out of money before even awarding anyone below a HPSA site score of 16. Could just be poppycock that someone told me though. Hopefully it was just a really competitive group this year, and your 15 score might do well another year. Who knows?!
  9. I just heard today that no one with a site lower than 16 was awarded. I would look into options to get rid of the high interest loans.
  10. They have also lowered the amount of money you get for staying with them. When I started year 3 was 40k, then it was 30k, and for 2014 it is 20k. Now years 3 and 4 are 20k and years 5 and 6 are 10k. This would definitely go along with longer retention of participants who have higher levels of debt. Less likely to serve 2 years and run. I liked the higher amounts as it helps cut down on interest accumulation, but I won't complain about any help I get with my student loans.
  11. Wow, 5710 applications, that is pretty crazy! The percentage goes along with 1 out of 3 applicants in our facility, score 16, getting awarded. The one who had a higher amount of debt got awarded. Not sure if that is the trend for other places as well.
  12. Winterallsummer, your plan is admirable, but I would agree that it may be difficult for everything to come together. For National Loan repayment (NHSC), it is only for primary care where three 12 hour shifts a week are less likely. The repayment is also competitive. I work at a clinic with a high HPSA score of 16, and only 1 of the 3 applicants got the loan repayment. Two of the applicants have been there two years and applied and got denied each year. Sometimes, I am not entirely sure the about the criteria they use, or if it is just luck involved. Also, the NHSC locations are mostly out in rural areas and getting per diem jobs can be tricky. I couldn't do some locations due to my noncompete clause. A private place that offers loan repayment (Mayo, VA, prison systems) would be more guaranteed and might offer more flexibility with hours, etc. Paying off the loans was my top priority as well, and I was lucky enough to get into NSHC. I moved to the middle of nowhere, 8 hours from friends and family. But my location was willing to hire a new grad, which I couldn't find many places in my desired location willing to do that. You've got to make whatever choices you need to deal with the debt. Everyone has different comfort levels with amount of debt...for me the daily interest of 20 bucks a day was overwhelming. Best of luck to everyone who is in the same debt situation.
  13. What numbers did they give in the email that got you to 37%? I haven't heard from two of the applicants where I work, but I know for sure the 3rd didn't get the repayment. Our site is a 16.
  14. at our critical access hospital the match for retirement is out for the time being and no one is likely getting raises for the near future . Tough pill to swallow for the time being, as I get the emails with jobs that have retirement contributions and better benefits. There has been a lot of talk about more cuts and the big "M" word.....merger. Good job with good pay, so I will hold steady and see what other changes 2014 brings!
  15. Congrats jbpa282 on your acceptance! Sprinkles - the the two year time frame begins when you get your "acceptance" the 90 day are basically your first 3 months in the NHSC program. Hoping for good news for everyone who applied!
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